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Lil Keeds Grave Vandalized, Lil Gotit With A NOTE, + Funeral Homes Reject Gang-Affiliated Burials

Atlanta rapper and brother lately rapper Lil Keed, Lil Gotit, posted a disturbing claim on his Instagram story. When rappers expire, many may pay their respects or say R.I.P, but that energy had not been returned for just one rapper.

Lil Keed


Atlanta rapper and brother lately rapper Lil Keed, Lil Gotit, posted an extremely threatening message on his Instagram story.

Whoever likely to (Lil) Keed grave tryna unscrew him out the wall And stuff when I catch you It aint gone be nice, Lil Gotit wrote.

Lil Gotits statement ended with him saying,I am hoping you see this message!!!

Enemies or trolls vandalizing rappers graves is sadly not unusual.

Actually, a video quickly surfaced on the web revealing that King Vons family had experienced difficulty getting a place for his homegoing.

Many funeral homes are starting to refuse burials of individuals linked to gang violence out of fear the gravesite could possibly be vandalized.

Furthermore, the late rapper Pop Smokes grave was also vandalized this past year, also it remains unknown who committed the crime.Lil Keed, who was simply an Atlanta and was signed to YSl passed on on, may 13 at age 24 in LA.

It appears nobody has respect for the dead nowadays.

Even the late rapper Nipsey Hustle was a target of vandalism after passing.

An unknown criminal, or multiple, took to his The Marathon Continues clothing store in Slauson.

Additional reporting by Chris Samuel.

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