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LinkedIn Adds New Link Sticker Substitute for Help Drive INCREASED TRAFFIC FROM YOUR OWN In-App Updates

LinkedIns adding another solution to drive external traffic, with a new link sticker that you could increase images in your LinkedIn posts, placing it wherever you prefer in the frame, and in variable sizes.

LinkedIn link sticker

As you can plainly see in these examples, shared by influencer marketing analyst Lindsay Gamble, the hyperlink sticker is comparable to exactly the same thats obtainable in Instagram and Facebook Stories, providing a straightforward solution to add another referral link into your updates.

That may be a handy new element to test out, so when LinkedIn engagement continues to go up, it might become a very important option for driving traffic from the LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn link sticker

The hyperlink sticker option will undoubtedly be obtainable in your post creation tools (with a dedicated chain link icon), though youll only have the ability to add links via the mobile version of the app at this time. All users, desktop or mobile, can connect to any links, however, so most of LinkedIns 850 million members can tap through if they see them.

Its fairly limited, when it comes to color options (i.e. you can find none), nevertheless, you can truly add links to both video and image posts, and you could also customize the written text displayed in line with the link.

Needless to say, some people are likely to hate the large text link on-screen, however the upfront awareness may help drive more clicks, while also sparking new creative methods to your LinkedIn content.

LinkedIn says that the brand new link sticker has been rolled out gradually, so you might not need it yet, nonetheless it will undoubtedly be arriving soon.

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