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Liquid, Nigma, Secret or Entity Who misses Ti11 after regional qualifiers?

TI11 WEU Regional Qualifier may be the most anticipated qualifier for the International 11 (TI11). Filled with strong contenders, from former International Champions to high-profile players, Western Europe is one region every Dota 2 player recognizes and really wants to represent.

While OG, Tundra Esports and Gaimin Gladiators hailed as TI11 direct invites, many powerhouses remain eyeing for tickets. Which of the four big ones misses out entirely?

Lasse Aukusti MATUMBAMAN Urpalainen

Opening matches to create the tone

We’ve four openers and all favorites have an opponent they’ll be tested against. Lets dig into each one of these.

Team Liquid vs DGG Esports

Team Liquid began a collection of promising players, featuring Lasse MATUMBAMAN Urpalainen and Ludwig zai Whlberg among other prominent players. Yet, Liquid fell off drastically in the last Tours, setting them back from securing a primary invite.

Against DGG Esports, the chances are contrary to the latter despite Liquids poor performance throughout ESL One Malaysia 2022. DGG is only a collection of all-stars, even though they performed decently to put third in Division 2, we wont expect any upsets on Liquid.

Goonsquad vs Nigma Galaxy

The match-up gets slightly more interesting with Nigma involved. The former TI7 Champions have remained together for the longest of these career, aside from Syed SumaiL Hassan. In some recoverable format, SumaiL is arguably on the list of greatest mid-players but carries an infamous reputation to become a very unorthodox player. With an archive of poor synergy with many teams besides Evil Geniuses, it baffles us why Nigma decides to recruit SumaiL.

Nevertheless, Nigma likely includes a better potential for success against goonsquad, that is led by former TI3 Champion, Gustav s4 Magnusson. Some veteran players deteriorate as a carry player with age, s4 still seamlessly hold their own contrary to the current competition.

Having said that, goonsquad being an overall team just doesnt pose much threat, especially once they placed last at DPC WEU Tour 3 Division 1.

Team Secret vs IN TO THE Breach

Secret regained their momentum as a powerhouse these were once named. After picking right up Roman Resolut1on Fomynok, Secret were able to showcase their capabilities at the ESL One Malaysia 2022, placing a commendable third place. Therefore, we are able to expect Secret to be on the list of fan favorites to win TI11 WEU Regional Qualifier.

IN TO THE Breach is obviously no pushover and delivered a good showcase of a frequent team in Division 2. Unfortunately, Secret is more favorable because they could leverage on Resolut1on as their wild card entering the qualifiers.

We witnessed how Secret snowballed with strong picks and gave Team OG a run because of their money. Especially Resos Enigma, which became an underlying threat atlanta divorce attorneys team fight. Baqyt Zayac Emiljanov, who replaced YapZor as semi-support, did wonders too. Furthermore, we’ve yet to see Zayacs signature heroes, which hes notoriously known for.

Alliance vs Entity

Between the old-school powerhouse namesakes, Alliance has been the worst in performance but still didn’t recuperate from the trench. They are bashed again and again for each loss, which highlighted the rosters problem all together.

What begins as a slow transition from the brand new players, quickly begins to create Nikolay Nikobaby Nikolov look sloppy. Frankly, Alliance could have to reform the complete roster from scratch since it has been a complete disappointment.

However, Entity may be the new staple in Division 1 and made its major debut this DPC (2021-22). It features young prodigies, like the controversial Ivan Pure Moskalenko. Theres no questioning that Entity can defeat Alliance, and become in the running to win the qualifier altogether.

The TI11 Western Europe Regional Qualifier has several interesting candidates to be eligible for TI11 this season, and its not only the familiar powerhouse brands. That is great, considering how low traditional powerhouses have fallen off, so we are able to see some new faces at TI11.

Nevertheless, it really is only 1 qualifying slot, but two others might have their second chance in Last Chance qualifiers.

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