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Liz Truss Becomes Britain’s New Prime Minister After Meeting Queen At Balmoral Castle

LONDON (AP) Liz Truss became U.K. prime minister on Tuesday and immediately confronted the enormous task before her amid increasing pressure to curb soaring prices, ease labor unrest and fix a healthcare system burdened by long waiting lists and staff shortages.

Near the top of her in-box may be the energy crisis set off by Russias invasion of Ukraine, which threatens to push energy bills to unaffordable levels, shuttering businesses and leaving the nations poorest people shivering in icy homes this winter.

Truss, who refused to explain her energy strategy through the two-month campaign to achieve success Boris Johnson, now plans to cap energy bills at a price to taxpayers of just as much as 100 billion pounds ($116 billion), British press reported Tuesday. She actually is likely to unveil her anticipate Thursday.

You need to know about the expense of living crisis in England, that is really quite bad right now, Rebecca Macdougal, 55, who works in police, said beyond your Houses of Parliament.

Shes making promises for that, as she says shes likely to deliver, deliver, deliver, she said. But we will have in, hopefully, another couple of weeks therell be some announcements which can only help the standard working person.

Truss took office Tuesday afternoon at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, when Queen Elizabeth II formally asked her to create a fresh government in a carefully choreographed ceremony dictated by centuries of tradition. Johnson, who announced his intention to step down 8 weeks ago, formally resigned during their own audience with the queen a short while earlier.

It had been the 1st time in the queens 70-year reign that the handover of power occurred at Balmoral, instead of at Buckingham Palace in London. The ceremony was moved to Scotland to supply certainty concerning the schedule as the 96-year-old queen has experienced problems making your way around which have forced palace officials to create decisions about her travel on a day-to-day basis.

Truss, 47, took office each day following the ruling Conservative Party chose her as its leader within an election where in fact the partys 172,000 dues-paying members were the only real voters. As party leader, Truss automatically became prime minister with no need for an over-all election as the Conservatives still have many inside your home of Commons.

But as a prime minister selected by significantly less than 0.5% of British adults, Truss is under great pressure showing quick results.

Ed Davey, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats, on Tuesday needed an early on election in October.

Ive paid attention to Liz Truss through the Tory leadership (campaign) and I wanted a plan to greatly help people who have their skyrocketing energy bills, with the NHS crisis and so forth, and I heard no plan at all, he told the BBC.

Given folks are really worried, given folks are losing sleep over their energy bills, businesses arent investing due to the crisis, I believe thats really wrong, Davey said.

Johnson took note of the strains facing Britain as he left the prime ministers official residence at No. 10 Downing Street going back time, saying his policies had left the federal government with the economic strength to greatly help people weather the power crisis.

Even though many observers expect Johnson to try a political comeback, he backed Truss and compared himself to Cincinnatus, the Roman dictator who relinquished power and returned to his farm to call home in peace.

Like Cincinnatus, I’m time for my plow, he said. And I am offering this government only probably the most fervent support.


Susie Blann contributed to the story.

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