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Logitech is focusing on a secret handheld gaming device

Logitech, a peripheral company popular because of its gaming headsets, mice, and gaming keyboards, is focusing on a fresh handheld device. The brand new Logitech gaming device will undoubtedly be developed in tandem with Tencent Games. Both companies will work on a fresh gaming device which will utilize cloud gaming software to provide titles within an on-the-go-friendly format.

Logitechs new gaming device will depend on cloud gaming

new logitech gaming device may take inspiration from the steam deck
Logitech should look at other handheld successes, just like the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, for design inspiration that blends comfort and innovation. Image source: Valve

Cloud gaming has been making huge strides recently. Sure, Google Stadia may not be doing that hot, but other services like Nvidia GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloud Gaming have observed lots of success. Now, it appears like Logitechs new gaming device is a handheld system built off the successes of these two systems.

Logitech announced its partnership with Tencent Games in a post on August 2, 2022. Both companies will continue to work to advance handheld cloud gaming, based on the post. Additionally, Logitech and Tencent Games will continue to work with the teams behind Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW. For the present time, its unclear if the handheld will need benefit of those two services or not.

The trials and tribulations of cloud gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming enables you to play Video games on multiple devices with the cloud. Image source: Microsoft

Logitechs new gaming device counting on cloud gaming may appear just like a win. In the end, we’ve seen plenty of success from services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and also Amazons Luna service. But, for each success, cloud gaming in addition has seen many failures.

For just one, the truth that games depend on data centers to supply the energy behind games could be great and spend less on expensive hardware on the buyer end. However, it relies heavily on an excellent internet connection to provide a smooth experience. You may still find millions in the usa alone that dont get access to stable broadband internet. Because of this, cloud gaming doesnt work with all.

Needless to say, that doesnt imply that Logitechs new gaming device wont be considered a hit. If the business can deliver a cushty to carry and easy-to-use device, then it might set itself on the proper course. Other handheld devices just like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck have already been received well. But there are a great number of checkboxes Logitech must hit because of this one to be considered a success.

For the present time, all we are able to do is wait and see what they unveil later on. Divorce lawyer atlanta, and the knowledge they will have from making other peripherals, Logitechs new gaming device will offer you great useability and functionality. Or even, theres always room for others to intensify and deliver an excellent handheld gaming experience.

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