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Loki season 2s surprise villain may have leaked

A leaker posted exciting claims about Loki season 2 a couple of days ago, saying the show will introduce a mind-blowing villain next year which will break the web. The insider said that Marvel may have cast a brilliant huge actor for the role, without revealing the Loki season 2 villains name or the actors identity.

The leaker is currently back with names for both star who might play the type and the identity of the Marvel villain. Before we consider it, Ill warn you that massive spoilers might follow below.

It’s understandable that Kang (Jonathan Majors) will undoubtedly be among the villains of Loki 2. Its how season 1 ended. The somewhat good and mildly crazy variant of Kang is currently gone. Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) fought Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to kill He Who Remains. And she unleashed the multiverse as she eliminated the person who orchestrated everything in the Sacred Timeline.

Loki landed in another TVA by the end of the finale and discovered the organizations new leader. Thats the various Kang variant, person who we be prepared to be considered a villain in season 2.

We will have a completely evil variant of Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania next February. Thats almost a year before the year of Loki hits Disney Plus.

Its unclear if the two Kangs are one and exactly the same. But considering the way the Multiverse Saga ends, it seems sensible for Marvel to provide us the evil Kang who the Avengers will face in Avengers 5 and 6.

Loki Episode 6
Kang (Jonathan Majors) in the Loki finale. Image source: Marvel Studios

Who’s the mysterious Loki season 2 villain?

The type of the Loki story means that we’re able to see other villains, especially ones that are linked to Kang. In the end, we thought that Sylvie was the shows villain initially. And thats where in fact the mysterious character and actor leak will come in.

After Marvel insider CineStealth made the wild Loki 2 villain claims, another insiders Twitter account got hacked. Whoever posted information on that take into account a short time claimed that season 2 will introduce the Squadron Supreme, featuring Henry Cavill as Hyperion. That were a fake claim when Redditors first spotted it.

I was privately tipped off about Cavill as Hyperion by way of a couple other leakers in the last month. But I only first heard it mentioned by my very own source this week. They didn’t go as far as to say this was 100% a done deal; that *at leastsome type of talks transpired.

CineStealth (@cinestealth) August 15, 2022

But, separately, CineStealth dropped the bomb he was indeed discussing Cavill playing Hyperion. Its not just a done deal, but talks between Marvel and Cavill supposedly occurred.

If true, thats an unbelievable development for Loki season 2. Also for the assortment of villains that Marvel is piecing together. The Squadron Supreme may be the sort of villain team that the Avengers need to face later on while fighting Kang.

From what I gather, Loki S2 will introduce Squadron Supreme as a The Boys-style riff on the Justice League from another timeline. Arrogant, evil analogues for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc however they find yourself working for/with Kang as his muscle in Kang Dynasty.

CineStealth (@cinestealth) August 15, 2022

Even though the Cavill casting isnt true, Marvel might elect to bring the Squadron Supreme in to the MCU in order that we are able to meet them before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty arrives.

Another leak said recently that Cavill may be speaking with Marvel about playing Reed Richards.

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