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Louise and Mercedes’ FBOY Island Season 2 Happy Ending Isn’t Looking So Happy

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Warning: This short article contains major spoilers for FBOY Island Season 2.

If theres taking care of of television reality competition series get right, its accumulating strong tension in a season finale. For FBOY Island, the primary tension originates from who the three womenin Season 2, that has been Mia, Louise, and Tamariswill elect to potentially both take up a relationship and split $100,000 with. The ladies have the ability to lose everything, though, should they select a man who came onto the show for the incorrect reasons.

Louise Barnard, a 25-year-old model from Michigan, had a hardcore choice by the end of the growing season. From the start of Season 2, she found herself drawn to Mercedes, a smooth-talker who loudly proclaimed to another men inside your home he was an FBoy and only on the show your money can buy. But as time continued, Louise also became enamored with Benedict, a quieter, more down-to-earth (but funny in their own right) Nice Guy.

In the growing season 2 finale, Louise continued one final 24-hour date with both men. Although she enjoyed her time, she had her reservations concerning the two. For Mercedes, it had been how none of another men appeared to like him (and when that had anything regarding his true intentions on the show). For Benedict, Louise didnt have the same sexual energy she felt toward Mercedes.

Ultimately, Louise took a risk and chose Mercedes, who changed his tune and made a decision to split the amount of money with her and pursue a relationship outside the show. Given that the cameras have stopped rolling, fans are wondering: are Mercedes and Louise still together?

Continue reading to discover.

Are Louise and Mercedes from FBOY Island Season 2 Still Together?

In accordance with a recently available interview with Variety, Louise says she and Mercedes are going for a break.

As it happens those confessionals he did during the period of the show didnt sit well with Louise, who watched the show as it aired on HBO Max. He was such as this Cheshire Cat, she says. I then found out he had this temper and everything. But I didnt see some of that. Watching it back, Im like, Oh my gosh, I appear to be an idiot. I must say i appear to be Im just falling for several these tricks.

Louise also says their relationship is up in the air, but by enough time of the interview, had plans to view the shows finale with Mercedes. Guess well need to wait if the two have the ability to figure things out, or call it quitsbut its safe to state those some of these initial sparks stayed on FBOY Island and didnt ensure it is into the real life.

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