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Louisiana Abortion Ban May Force Woman TO PROVIDE Baby IDENTIFIED AS HAVING A No Skull CONDITION

Louisianas near-total ban on abortion includes a pregnant woman and her family on the verge of a hardcore decision. Nancy Davis is 13 weeks pregnant with her second child. But, in accordance with her interview with WAFB9,the fetus growing in her womb won’t survive because of rare condition. Therefore, Nancys options include carrying the fetus to term or planing a trip to a nearby state for the surgical procedure.

Its hard knowing thatyou knowIm carrying it to bury ityou know very well what Im saying, Nancy said.

Mom explained that her first ultrasound happened at ten weeks pregnant. But following the procedure at Womans Hospital in Baton Rouge, Nancy and her boyfriend, both worked up about their newborn, learned its fate.

It had been an abnormal ultrasound, plus they noticed the very best of the babys head was missing and the skull was missing, the very best of the skull was missing, Nancy toldWAFB9.

Nancy Weighing Between Abortion In Another State Or Carrying To Term

Nancy said her developing fetus was identified as having acrania. Based on the Fetal Medicine Foundation, acrania is a lethal condition with death within the initial week of life. Additionally, its a condition which affects 1 in 1,000 at 12 weeks gestation.

Not surprisingly prognosis, hawaii denied Nancy an abortion. Acrania isnt a disorder listed beneath the Louisiana Department of Healths qualifying conditions for abortions. The department published a listing of situations in early August and a catch-all exception for profound and irredeemable abnormalities incompatible with life, but two doctors must sign off. Also, her life technically isnt in peril. So its a two-way denial of the medical service.

Now, Nancy has in regards to a week to choose whether shell carry the fetus to term or happen to be another state that allows abortion. Shes pressed for time, considering that most states have an abortion cut-off eligibility at 15 weeks. A health care provider informed her shed be carrying the kid to bury it.

Florida may be the closestso ideally Florida, Nancy said. But another closest place will be NEW YORK or something.

In the interview, Nancy didnt identify as pro-choice or pro-life. However, she expressed that lawmakers should think about expanding the set of qualifying conditions.

I simply want them to take into account special circumstances since it pertains to abortionmedical problems, such as this is one which needs to maintain that, Nancy said.

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