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Lunar Strategy CEO Tim Haldorsson on Where NFT Marketing is certainly going

NFTs are taking the planet by storm and so are on the end of any Web3 enthusiasts tongue.

What started as art collectibles has swiftly become another big thing plus some of the worlds largest & most successful companies are actually looking into means of implementing the technology to obtain ahead.

At NFTevening, we were fortunate to talk with Tim Haldorsson, the CEO of Lunar Strategy, a respected NFT marketing company, about how exactly he sees the progressing.

tim haldorsson lunar strategy NFT marketing company CEO with laptop by the sea
CEO of Lunar Strategy, Tim Haldorsson, tells us about NFT Marketing just like a pro

Is it possible to tell us a bit about yourself as well as your experience?

Im sure we are able to all concur that marketing is key for an effective project, which is not any different with regards to NFTs. I’ve caused NFT marketing going back three years and also have helped 50+ NFT companies making use of their marketing strategies; I’ve also written for publications like Cointelegraph.

How did you obtain started with NFTs?

I purchased my first Axie NFT back 2018 when it had been only a hobby of mine and havent looked back since. Soon after, I launched a crypto and NFT marketing agency (Lunar Strategy) which allowed me to utilize Web3 to expand and opened countless opportunities to build up my knowledge and understand the continuing future of NFTs.

What exactly are your very best free marketing tips?

Article marketing utilization

Probably the most important areas of marketing has been seen and having your opinions or project shared. This isnt a thing that will magically happen without putting out the right content to begin with.

To up your likelihood of getting noticed, be sure youre utilising article marketing to the very best of one’s ability. Primarily, this implies maximising your your articles across all relevant platforms. For instance: if youve recently had a podcast interview, you will want to chop up the video into short segments to create on TikTok or YouTube shorts?

PR/ Influencer marketing

Putting focus on PR and influencers is key, particularly when it involves Web3.

There is absolutely no better method of expanding your reach, boosting your authority in the sector, and learning to be a thought leader in this space than through influencer marketing.

Social media marketing is nearly impossible to navigate without sounding some type of influencer marketing. Plus, its difficult to contend with projects already deploying it. As the saying goes: in the event that you cant beat them, join them.

What’s NFT marketing?

The NFT market is flooded with a wide selection of projects. In the lack of extensive promotion, your NFT project often could have trouble getting attention. Thus, creating a unique NFT online marketing strategy can be an easy solution to raise the visibility of one’s project.

Marketing experts work with a selection of tactics to market an NFT, from concentrating on the city to ensuring the projects exposure on all of the right platforms.

What’s the core of an NFT online marketing strategy?

Engage your community

Your NFT business cannot function with out a community. Therefore, factors to consider you’ve got a strong band of supporters before you drop your artwork.

An NFT community isn’t just a platform for promoting your offerings, also for passing important announcements. To be able to avoid the disintegration of one’s community, it is best to incentivise action and engagement. For instance, AMAs, Q&A sessions and rewards for loyal members are a number of the methods to engage your community. Then, because the community grows, it is possible to decide which market is the greatest spot to sell your NFTs.

Expand your audience reach

NFT marketplaces offer you usage of new audiences. Whether its digital creators or art collectors, young or experienced entrepreneurs, diverse communities exist. Due to the newness and increasing real-world value, people decide to become involved.

Provoke interest through story-telling.

As with all marketing, your aim would be to stick out from the crowd, and the simplest way to get this done is by telling a tale. Make sure you have a captivating reason as to the reasons people should focus their attention on your own project. This may be through making them feel linked to your why and highlighting the chance to become section of something greater. Make sure to also share the story atlanta divorce attorneys way possible by utilising pr announcements, sponsored articles etc.

What exactly are a few examples of great marketing for NFT projects?


Doodles is really a community-driven project showcasing Burnt Toasts artwork, first minted on October 17th, 2021. Predominantly, their success is because of their incredible community and their effort focused on engagement. Needless to say, their eye-catching and vibrant pieces helped to start out a trend that people now see throughout a great many other projects.

Invisible friends

Invisible friends could actually secure probably the most successful NFT project launches up to now, securing $6.5 million before releasing their reveal. Again, another exemplory case of the significance of a solid community and following, even before dropping the artwork to improve the hype.

Desire to find out about marketing your personal NFT? Be sure to have a look at Tim Haldorssons Lunar Strategy NFT Marketing company! His team tend to be more than qualified to assist you guarantee assembling your project sells out, and fast! Plus, find him on twitter via @TimHaldorsson.

All investment/financial opinions expressed by aren’t recommendations.

This short article is educational material.

As always, make your personal research before making any type of investment.

Jem is our Content Manager, originally from London. She’s in love with Collectibles, the potential of the metaverse and the thought of NFT mass adoption.You should definitely curating news content, she’s curating coffees, liquor bottles and gastronomical delights!

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