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MacBook Air M1 screen crack for no apparent reason


I purchased a MacBook Air M1 six months ago and the screen cracked for no apparent reason. I left my computer at the top of my desk at night time and the very next day I opened it the screen had 2 small cracks on the proper which damaged the functioning of the screen. I contacted a certified apple center which explained apple warranty wouldn’t normally cover it as this is a contact point crack; as though I’ve left something how big is a rice berry between your screen and the keyboard… It really is absurd when i have nothing beats it on my desk and the computer was properly closed as usual and didnt move the complete night. A lot more than the price tag on repairing it , it really is frustrating that apple doesnt believe its costumers.

I wonder if anyone had exactly the same problem or if it’s because of design flaw, I’ve several Mac product rather than had an identical problem, my last Mac lasted 10 years without issues.

Posted on, may 23, 2021 2: 59 AM

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Question: MacBook Air M1 screen crack for no apparent reason

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