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Madonna, 63, Has Sculpted Legs Wearing Fishnets and a Miniskirt in Roller Skating Photos

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Madonna is bringing roller skating back! In new photos, the Queen of Pop revealed her epic legs while wearing fishnets and a miniskirt throughout a quick skate round the rink. She could have brought a pal (or two) to become listed on in the fun, but this singer is completely killing it on her behalf own with a ‘fit to last the decades.

The 63-year-old “Madame X” singer appears like she actually is enjoying NYC’s summer heat as she hits the skating rink in Central Park for DiscOasis, that is referred to as a “glittering sonic fantasia for the soul,” by the rink’s site. That just appears like a location Madonna would enjoy.

celebrity sightings in new york city august 10, 2022

Madonna roller skating in Central Park.

James Devaney//Getty Images

She even posted about any of it on Instagram, with the caption, “Finally Enough Love at the Disco Oasis with Nile Rodgers!!”

Skating is really as much a great, nostalgic activity since it is really a workout. You will possibly not understand that you burn almost as much calories on skates as you do running.

Clearly, Madonna didn’t skip the opportunity to put in a little something-something to her leg day routine.

new york, new york  august 10 madonna roller skates at the discoasis in central park on august 10, 2022 in new york city  photo by james devaneygc images

Madonna roller skating in Central Park.

James Devaney

When she will take off the skates, Madonna is really a big fan of Pilates. In accordance with her IG, she computes on a reformer machine to strengthen her thighs and glutes. She also includes her arms for that full-body burn.

No real surprise here, but this performer can be a large fan of dancing. Her fitness expert, Marlyn Ortiz, is really a dancer, choreographer, and aerialist, so Madonna gets best wishes moves.

Madonna and Ortiz even quarantined together in 2020. They used the time to rehab Madonna’s knee injury and hip replacement. Clearly, plenty of foam rolling was involved.

Madonna commented on what her body has changed before couple of years: “I was previously, like, a fitness/workout maniac…I have no idea if you have noticed it, but I’m limping a whole lot,” she told Newsweek in 2021. She also said that she was “in more pain than I’ve ever experienced in my own life.”

But her pain doesn’t slow her down! She posted an image on Instagram about her surgery scars, calling herself a “warrior.” So true.

There is nothing getting between Madonna and her exercise. Want to see you thriving, Madame X!

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