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Maitland Ward: It felt like Dylan Neal was grooming me on Bold and the stunning

Maitland Ward admits that, as a teenager in the mid-1990s, she was so enthralled by her Bold and the stunning co-star Dylan Neal, a guy seven years her senior.

However the actress, now 45, alleges to Page Six within an exclusive new interview that she believes her once guileless fixation on earning Neals approval was actually by his design.

Looking back now, it had been sort of a grooming situation, she claims. Rather than necessarily for him to ever, like, already have sex with me or anything but to accomplish what to lead me on and be very mounted on him and only him.

Ward elaborates that she didnt note that at that time.

I thought it had been like, Oh, he really likes me, he thinks Im so excellent. He was quite definitely a pull-and-push sort of person, she alleges. He’d lure me in and wed do fun things together and he’d push me away and become like, What exactly are you doing? Why are you currently such as this?

Maitland Ward posing in front of a fireplace
Maitland Ward reflects on her behalf relationship with former Bold and the stunning co-star Dylan Neal within an exclusive Page Six interview.
Vixen Media Group

The brand new author details her experience with Neal, now 52, in her memoir, Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood.

After securing the role of Jessica Forrester on The Bold and the stunning at age 16, Neal, then 24 who played heartthrob Dylan Shaw immediately charmed her along with his charisma and visual appearance. While their characters embarked on a forbidden romance on-camera, Ward allegedly found herself in a far more complicated dynamic with Neal behind the scenes.

It had been this type of strange relationship also it was my first-time in Hollywood. I acquired the show on my second audition and he was over the age of me, but he came off as like he just wished to be this your government figure however in an inappropriate way that Im looking back on now, Ward claims to Page Six.

And I didnt realize it at that time. I usually thought there is something weird about me or I was bad.

Maitland Ward and Dylan Neal posing for a
Ward, who played Jessica Forrester, and Neal, who played Dylan Shaw, began focusing on the soap opera together in the mid-1990s when Ward was 16 and Neal was 24.
CBS/Courtesy Everett Collectio

The Boy Meets World alum who, recently, has found success being an adult film actress claims that Neal was very punishing if you ask me easily ever stepped out of line at all and wished to be considered a guide for me personally in my own career.

As depicted in Rated X, Neal who was simply dating his now-wife Becky Southwell at that time allegedly went as far as to suggest how Ward should appear when her character lost her virginity on the soap opera.

Dylan took my on-screen virginity also it was something he discussed no, similar to bragged constantly about and prided himself in, she writes in the book.

Wedding day, he said with a smile when i walked onto the set where it could happen his college dorm room, following a party where we’d both get swept up in something we werent likely to. He kept commenting to hair and makeup how I was too done up, and I didnt look sweet enough or innocent. Its her first-time; you dont want her to check like she gets around.


Ward details her experiences on “The Bold and the stunning” in her memoir, “Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood.”

Vixen Media Group

Maitland Ward Signs Copies Of

Ward details her experiences on “The Bold and the stunning” in her memoir, “Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood.”

Getty Images

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The makeup artist pulled Ward aside to ask how she felt about potential changes. As the ingenue appreciated that her bright lipstick made her feel womanly, she conceded to Neals concerns and accepted a toned-down search for the key scene.

They changed me therefore i would be convenient, which made Dylan convenient instead, she writes.

To Wards surprise, her mom and dad stalwart Christians from suburban Long Beach, Calif. were relaxed with Neals increasing influence within their daughters life.

My parents were more comfortable with him. He was always respectful and dropped me off promptly though they never demanded a strict curfew easily was with him, she writes. I was surprised at just how much they trusted him. My parents rarely trusted anyone, especially boys, making use of their daughter.

Wards mother once informed her that she [didnt] need to be worried about her daughter being up in Hollywood alone provided that Neal was around.

Maitland Ward, Dylan Neal and Monika Schnarre posing for a
Ward, pictured here with Neal and their castmate Monika Schnarre, says she wasnt emotionally ready for a few of what she experienced on set.
CBS/Courtesy Everett Collectio

But father and mother didnt know the entire scope of the pairs relationship, Ward tells Page Six.

Hed be very reprimanding, I assume, of anything I did so. [He was a] reward-and-punishment-driven sort of person at that time. I wasnt emotionally ready at all for that, she claims.

I was just not used to Hollywood and I was like, Wow, this sexy co-star of mine, and I was just so enthralled with this particular whole fairytale notion of everything. He really played into that because I was so young. I dont know why he didnt notice that.

Ward felt mixed signals from Neal amid allegedly intoxicating romantic interactions. She was terribly confused by the vacillation of adulation and censure.

He really got off on me just worshipping him and the more he pulled me in and enticed me and we did very suggestive things, she claims. It had been not at all a platonic situation there. But he’d then push me away and he’d be very moody with me. THEREFORE I was very reliant at the job on his moods.

Dylan Neal posing outside
Ward says that, as a teenager, she was enthralled by her sexy co-star Neal, now 52.
Getty Images

Ward writes in her tome a wakeup call came throughout a press interview that Neal encroached on.

Once, Dylan sat in on an interview that I had with among the soap magazines. He helped me answer the questions, that i thought was cute, however the journalist later said how uncomfortable he felt for me personally needing to sit there under Dylans watch while he gave what shouldve been my answers, she recalls.

Its like he thinks he controls your brain as well as your thoughts, the journalist said, also it rattled me how disturbed about any of it he was.

Soon after, Ward realized that Neal was in charge of my every move, she writes. Good or bad, these were his. And I gave that capacity to him so he’d like me better.

The return of Neals girlfriend, Southwell, who was simply on a protracted educational sabbatical in Japan, managed to get easier for Ward to distance herself from him.

Maitland Ward posing for a headshot
Ward left the original acting world for an effective career in the adult film industry.
Vixen Media Group

Ward eventually departed The Bold and the stunning in 1996 exactly the same year Neal tied the knot with Southwell. (The couple, who share two children, continues to be married.)

The show ended and he finished up engaged and getting married and we never spoke. I recall seeing him before I acquired Boy Meets World. I saw him at an audition and he acted like he didnt know me, really, she tells Page Six. And I havent spoken to him since.

Ward, who continued to marry LA agent Terry Baxter in 2006, hasnt reestablished communication with Neal since releasing Rated X but wonders if she might hear from him soon.

I’ve plenty of questions for him, actually. Especially at that time, because he’d be great. Like, hed head to my school plays and he’d take me places. We continued a motorcycle ride together that has been quite romantic and he pushed me away by the end, making me feel weird, she alleges.

Maitland Ward looking in the distance
I simply think he liked him to function as hero for me personally, Ward says of Neal.
Vixen Media Group

It had been like I needed to belong to this thing that people were doing, but Id feel just like, Oh my God, hes rejecting me. He doesnt like me or anything like this. It had been just a fascinating situation that, I dont know, I simply think he liked him to function as hero for me personally.

A rep for Neal didn’t immediately react to Page Sixs obtain comment.

Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood is to get now.

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