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Major Disney Dreamlight Valley Patch Featuring Scar Gets a Timing Update

Disney Dreamlight Valleys upcoming patch is to arrive around three weeks.

The update, which also adds The Lion King character, Scar, will undoubtedly be coming this fall, but Disney is yet to pin down a genuine release date.

Another bug fixes will undoubtedly be released within the first content update featuring Scar, this fall, they confirmed via Twitter. While we can not share exact timing yet, we have been targeting a release in around 3 weeks.

Even though developers didnt provide a definite date, they did concur that this is separate from the existing Star Path end date. In addition they gave an update on which they consider to be priority issues in the overall game:

Expect updates on the next in the coming weeks once we get nearer to locking fixes: Preventing progress loss, Missing Founder’s Pack rewards, Console crashes.

Along with these priority issues, the patch may also include over 40 bug foxes, such as for example PS4 optimizations, Lightning VFX, two quest fixes, Switch audio distortion, and a concern where rain doesn’t water crops.

Additionally, the patch may also add a better photo mode and much more avatar poses.

We realize it could be frustrating to perform into bugs or issues, so we appreciate your patience, they stated. There are always a ton of fixes coming and several are because of your helpful issue reports! Keep tuned in for more status updates in the coming weeks and thanks again.

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IGNs Dreamlight Valley review gave it 8/10 and said: Disney Dreamlight Valley can be an awesome life simulator that flexes its iconic characters to riveting, satisfying effect. Adding these instantly recognizable villagers to your magical kingdom and forging friendships using them through quests is really a blast, even though a lot of those total mundane village errands.

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Ryan Leston can be an entertainment journalist and film critic for IGN. It is possible to follow him on Twitter.

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