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Man accused of shooting Texas youth football coach turns himself in

The person accused of shooting to death a beloved Texas youth football coach has turned himself into police.

Yaqub Talib, brother of retired NFL cornerback Aqib Talib, is accused of shooting Mike Hickmon, a youth football coach, after a disagreement on Saturday night between opposing coaching staff turned physical and right into a shooting. Multiple children were present during the shooting, Lancaster police said in a news release.

Yaqub Talibs attorney, Clark Birdsall, said his client regrets the tragic lack of life but self surrendered today so that he might have the opportunity to say his side of the story. Birdsall declined to elaborate on which Talibs side of the story is.

Local news reported Yaqub Talib and Aqib Talib, a five-time Pro Bowler who announced his retirement in 2020, are coaches for North Dallas United Bobcats, a youth football team. Aqib Talib was named last month as a contributor for Prime Videos Thursday Night Football.

Hickmon was a loving husband and father who was simply focused on serving the young athletes he caused, local news reports say. We’ve two lovely children who dont have their father within their life now. We’ve a wife that’s heartbroken and a family group that is going right through, and its very hard, and most of us have to be praying for them, Keith Hall, pastor of the church which Hickmon was an associate, told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

His killing not merely leaves a hole in the household in addition, it has traumatized the kids who bore witness to the gunfire. 1 / 2 of them couldnt sleep. Theyve been crying, worried, dont desire to play football. After all, what can you anticipate? [Theyre] nine, they babies? Heith Mayes, a pal and fellow coach who was simply present during the shooting, told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

Hickmons killing isn’t an isolated incident. On 22 April this season, a guy shot two other men in the stands of a football field near Temple University in Philadelphia, both men survived the shooting. The shooting happened as a childrens football team practiced below, CBS Philadelphia reported.

And on 31 July two adults and a six-year-old were shot non-fatally throughout a pee wee football game at an Oakland senior high school, ABC 7 news reported.

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