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Man Backed for Calling Out Stranger Over ‘Weird’ Seat Choice in Empty Train

Internet commenters were quick to guard one man who confronted a stranger for sitting close to him within an empty train car.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/AmITheAhole, Redditor u/Unlikely-Strategy596 (otherwise known as the initial poster, or OP) said he struck gold when he found a vacant streetcar but was quickly disappointed when another passenger felt it essential to keep him company.

Titled, “[Am I the ahole] for telling a stranger ‘it’s weird you thought we would sit right close to me when there’s so a great many other seats available’ on the general public transit?” the post has received nearly 9,000 upvotes and 1,200 comments within the last 10 hours.

“I took the transit today, and the road car was totally open and available,” OP began. “It is nice because there have been about 30 different seats available, and I was alone.”

Continuing to describe they sat down in a window seat, the initial poster said they weren’t alone long before a stranger entered the automobile.

The initial poster also said the stranger sat right close to him, regardless of the plethora of empty seats throughout them.

“I thought to him, ‘why did you sit close to me? There’s so a great many other seats everywhere on the road car it’s slightly strange,'” OP wrote. “He said, ‘well do you have this seat? Is this your seat? I could sit wherever I’d like, you’re being unreasonable here.’

“I said, ‘correct, I don’t own this spot I simply hardly understand why you thought we would sit right close to me'” OP continued. “He responded [with] a similar thing.

“I finished up waking up and moving as the situation was perplexing,” OP added. “It’s as an unwritten rule that when there are a good amount of available seats you sit alone!”

Public transportation is really a major section of life all over the world.

In 2009, National Geographic‘s Greendex report revealed that 25 percent of individuals surviving in major nations utilize public transit every day. For commuters using public transit at least one time weekly, that number jumps to 41 percent.

The 2009 Greendex report also revealed that america is basically averse to public transportation.

However, even yet in a country where 61 percent of the populace never uses public transportation, the American Public Transportation Association reports that folks surviving in the U.S. board a train or bus 34 million times per weekday.

With this type of large numbers of people counting on public transportation, an arranged but unwritten code of ethics has been adopted internationally, especially when it comes to how exactly to behave within an empty, or nearly empty, train car.

Across numerous online platforms, including Facebook, Reddit and Quora, commuters have debated empty-car etiquette and arrived at a conclusion like the original poster’s: if you can find empty seats everywhere, sit in a single, rather than directly close to another person.

Vacant train car
Vacant train car. Members of Reddit’s r/AmITheAhole forum supported one train passenger who said he confronted a guy who sat right close to him within an empty train car. Svetlana123/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Through the entire comment portion of the viral Reddit post, Redditors echoed that sentiment and called out the person who prompted OP to change seats in a train car with just two passengers.

“[Not the ahole],” Redditor u/Mysterious_Friend_52 wrote in the post’s top comment, which includes received nearly 13,000 upvotes. “That’s intrinsically a brilliant weird move to make.

“Breaks all normal conventions of public transport,” they added. “No chance he didn’t do this merely to screw with you.”

Redditor u/andreaak88, whose comment has received a lot more than 3,500 upvotes, offered an identical response.

“That is 100 [percent] not proper train etiquette,” they assured. “And the only real reason why he got pissed off is basically because you called him from his creepy fking behaviour.

“You absolutely did the proper thing,” they added. “[Not the ahole].”

“It has utilizing the urinal close to someone when all the other are open vibes,” Redditor u/bricekrispy_ chimed in, receiving nearly 2,000 upvotes.

Newsweek reached out to u/Unlikely-Strategy596 for comment.

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