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Man uses same lottery numbers each day, wins $25,000 per year forever

Scott Snyder started to use the same set of numbers to play the Michigan Lottery's Lucky For Life game every day in February, and in August he scored a prize of $25,000 a year for life. Photo courtesy of the Michigan Lottery

Scott Snyder began to utilize the same group of numbers to play the Michigan Lottery’s Lucky FOREVER game each day in February, and in August he scored a prize of $25,000 per year forever. Photo thanks to the Michigan Lottery

Sept. 7 (UPI) — A Michigan man won a jackpot of $25,000 per year forever from the Michigan Lottery after utilizing the same numbers to enter the Lucky FOREVER drawing each day for many months.

Scott Snyder, 55, of Zeeland, told Michigan Lottery officials the Lucky FOREVER ticket he bought from the Mobil gas station on West Main Avenue in Zeeland bore an extremely familiar group of numbers.

“I started playing this special group of numbers in February, and I’ve played them each day since,” Snyder said.

Snyder’s numbers, 07-12-31-37-44, matched the five white balls in the Aug. 7 drawing.

“I was checking some tickets at the store and got a note to go to a lottery office when I scanned one of these. I scanned it again and got exactly the same message, therefore i told the clerk I have to have won big,” Snyder recalled.

“The clerk explained that they had recently sold a $25,000 per year forever prize and he printed off the winning numbers in order that I possibly could check my ticket. When I realized that I was the big winner, I tried never to get too excited initially since it didn’t seem real. I’m still having trouble believing that is real,” he said.

Snyder thought we would take his winnings as a lump sum payment of $390,000. He said he plans to place his winnings toward a fresh home.

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