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Many consumers don’t realize nutritional labelling: Nestl Cereals raises red flag over traffic lights confusion

New consumer research from Nestl Cereals has revealed that 34% of UK consumers have no idea what the traffic light front-of-pack nutritional labelling system means, with an increase of than one-in-ten saying they arent even alert to its existence.

Green means go or no?

Confusion, it could seem, is widespread. Of these who are alert to the machine, there remains significant misunderstanding around what the colours in the machine actually mean.

Only two fifths (40%) of individuals surveyed understood a green label to imply that the merchandise is lower in a nutrient and then the healthier choice, Toby Baker, Marketing Director UK at Nestl Cereals, told FoodNavigator. A third of individuals, 34%, thought green meant the merchandise was saturated in a nutrient.

Describing the findings as concerning, Baker stressed that consumers do need to know more. Almost 1 / 2 of those surveyed (48%) wished to know more concerning the front of pack traffic light nutritional labelling system, which indicates there’s an appetite from consumers to raised understand the info so they can easily make more informed options for themselves and their own families, he suggested.

Even though people dont know very well what labels mean, the traffic light system is influential in the purchasing behaviour of most Brits. Seventy-six percent said they go through the system whenever choosing something to consume and 1 / 2 of UK shoppers confirmed it influences what they purchase or eat.

Nestl Cereals’ no reds pledge

To combat this communication gap, Nestl Cereals is attempting to provide more information to UK shoppers on the nutritional content of its brands.

It really is concerning our research shows many consumers don’t realize how exactly to interpret the nutritional labelling information. Thats why, within our no reds campaign, weve updated our website with some useful resources where consumers will get out more info concerning the nutritional traffic light labelling system, Baker said.

The business can be leveraging additional on-pack signposting so that they can inform you what the healthier choice is.Providing clarity to your consumers on the vitamins and minerals of our products is essential to us, thats why as well as the nutritional traffic light labelling system we’ve the Nestl green banner which enables consumers to easily identify cereals where wholegrain is the number 1 ingredient, we were told.

The findings come as Nestl Cereals launches its no reds campaign an marketing campaign featuring an imagined Worlds Widest Variety Pack to improve awareness of the truth that 18 products in its portfolio contain no red traffic lights.

At Nestl Cereals we have been extremely pleased with the sugar and salt reductions weve achieved within our long-term commitment to boost the vitamins and minerals of our cereals. Between 2010 and 2020, we removed 516 million teaspoons of sugar and 20 million teaspoons of salt across all products and were delighted that now 84% of our product portfolio contain no reds, Baker elaborated.

Needless to say, this is a continuing commitment and we have been always searching for ways where we continue steadily to increase the vitamins and minerals of our portfolio whether thats further reformulating our much-loved brands or introducing new low-sugar variants, such as for example Cheerios Vanilla Os which launched back September 2021 and contain significantly less than 5% sugar.

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