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Many Sins: Congressman Destroys Biden PER YEAR After Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

Republican Texas Rep. Michael McCaul unleashed on the Biden administration during an interview on Face THE COUNTRY, Sunday.

McCauls comments came after host Margaret Brennan asked him concerning the Biden Administrations decision to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2021, a clip which was shared on Twitter. Brennan noted you can find around 74,000 vulnerable Afghans still looking forward to visas to allow them to exit the Taliban-run state.

HAWAII Department knew heading back well in to the Trump administration that it needed more staff, that it needed more resources to even commence to help get these folks out, and thats even prior to the chaos of the withdrawal, Brennan noted, is that among the prime sins here that you see with regards to failure to plan?

With the completion of his report on the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the very best Republican on the home Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, says there have been many sins.

There is a whole lack and failing to planThere were so many mistakes.

Face THE COUNTRY (@FaceTheNation) August 14, 2022

McCaul agreed, adding that there is a whole lack and failure to plan, even noting that there is no intend to safely withdraw from the 20-year conflict. There have been so many mistakes, The largest one, Margaret, for me personally, having lived through it, being in the classified space, hearing the intelligence community tell the story concerning this will likely be imminent,’ McCaul noted, adding that those individuals and the U.S. military had warned him and perhaps others that Afghanistan was on the brink of collapsing into Taliban rule eventually. (RELATED: People Think US Used The Ninja Bomb To Annihilate That Al-Qaida Leader)

And we visited State and the White House plus they painted an extremely rosy picture, he continued. Theres a disconnect between intelligence on the floor and what the White House does in this report that says everything like theres no chance were likely to evacuate embassy personnel from helicopters like we did in Vietnam. Not to mention, we realize that happened.

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