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Marc Marquez wont wait to be 100% fit to create MotoGP return

The six-time world champion has been absent from the grid since Mays Italian Grand Prix at Mugello when he announced he’d be taking time off to possess a fourth major operation on the proper arm he badly broke in 2020.

The surgery was successful and his recovery is progressing in a great way, with Marquez present this weekend at the Austrian GP to greatly help his Honda team.

Talking with the media on Thursday for the very first time since his operation, Marquez says he’ll have a decisive check-up in a few days where doctors will determine the next thing of his rehabilitation.

And discussing when he expects he is able to go back to riding, Marquez who says his goal would be to race again this season will do in order soon when i feel I could ride a MotoGP bike in a far more or less great way.

Its true that because the operation, the initial six weeks I didnt move my arm, he said of his recovery.

First six weeks, the doctors and I was completely agreed went in a conservative way, in a manner that they tried to look after everything and when we had a need to take yet another week [to recover] then its much better than being too optimistic.

The initial six weeks I was completely out, then your next fourteen days I began to move my arm with a physio.

Then from that time going back a month, I began to work a little with elastics. Now I begin to increase a bit the weight [in my training], but until in a few days when I’ve the doctor be sure is if they will decide if Im permitted to push more or not.

And when they let me push more, then we will create a plan and we’ll understand immediately when I’ll keep coming back.

I dont know [when]. A very important factor may be the bone, another thing may be the muscles.

Im conscious about how exactly important this rehabilitation is, and when I have to wait yet another week I’ll wait.

Its true that whenever Personally i think 70%, 80%, when Personally i think I could ride a MotoGP bike in a far more or less great way I will keep coming back as the last section of the rehabilitation, the most effective way is usually to be on the bike. You cant wait to be 100% before buttoning a shirt.

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team

Photo by: Honda Racing

Marquez is back with Honda this weekend as he felt the final time he previously an extended spell on the sidelines he disconnected an excessive amount of using what was happening within the team.

That is largely driven by Hondas poor results this season, with it yet to increase Pol Espargaros Qatar podium using its problematic motorcycle.

Asked what he feels must change within the team looking forward to 2023, Marquez believes it’s the concept within which Honda has been operating lately.

We speak constantly so when I say team, its not people its concept, the idea of the team, he says.

We have been since the European teams will work in different ways, we are since Honda is working a whole lot as part of your.

They’re working, the budget will there be and you also cannot say no, you dont do anything.

They’re working. However when I saw changes in the team, its the idea, the coordination, looking for just how.

Im not the guy to state this is actually the way, because Honda may be the brand which has won more titles on the planet and Im here with Honda because I really believe inside them and I really believe I can get back to the top using them.

But, its true that they have to understand the best way to organise well because each and every time we have increasingly more racing, less testing, the task in the factory becomes more important than at the circuit. However the circuit must work more alongside the factory.

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