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Mariah Carey Wants To Release Her 1995 Alt-Rock Album

Mariah Carey unearthed her unreleased 1995 alt-rock project, and she wants the world to hear it. On Friday (Sept. 16), Rolling Stone reported that Carey’s version of Chick’s 1995 album Someone’s Ugly Daughter, exists, and the singer is now in possession of it.

Carey spoke to Rolling Stone about the album possibly seeing a rerelease with her vocals attached in the near future. “We actually have it,” Carey disclosed to the outlet. “[It’ll] become something we should hear, but also, I’m working on a version where there will be another artist working with me. Possibly something built around the album.”

Carey continued, elaborating on why she decided to record the project with the band Chick back in ’95 and why. 

“This was my outlet, and nobody knew about it,” Carey expressed. “I honestly wanted to put the record out back then and let them discover that it was me, but that idea was squashed.”

In her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the legendary singer revealed she secretly recorded the alternative LP while working on Daydream. Unfortunately, Columbia Records had other plans and refused to release the album with Carey as the singer. So instead, Carey’s longtime friend Clarissa Dane was brought in to front Carey’s band. The album was released with Dane as lead singer and Carey, still collaborating with the band, contributing background vocals. The singer kept her involvement a secret for almost thirty years. 

Now, the masses may finally get to hear the Queen of Christmas in her alt-rock bag.

Listen to Mariah Carey’s interview on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast below.

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