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MarinHealth to roll out UCSF-tailored version of Epic EHR

MarinHealth this week said it’ll implement a fresh electronic health record system a version of Epic developed at University of California SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA called APeX.


APeXmeans Advancing Patient-Centered Excellence it’s an Epic EHR system that has been customized at UCSF being an integrated platform to greatly help offer usage of patient records over the care continuum, from MarinHealth Medical Network clinics to MarinHealth INFIRMARY.

The target is to give patients easier usage of almost all their health information in a single place through MyChart enabling them to see test outcomes, schedule appointments and message their physicians.

The APeX platform is made to streamline operational and clinical workflows to attain the boost care quality, improve patient experience and reduce administrative burdens.

In MarinHealth provider settings, clinicians can access more complete patient records, helping them to create better diagnoses and treatment decisions.

“This technology really helps to develop a seamless experience in a patient’s entire health journey, also it helps our providers to immediately access the info they have to look after their patients,” said Dr. Karin Shavelson, MarinHealth Medical Center’s chief medical officer, in a statement.

“The APeX system provides quicker usage of information, this means less time searching for patient documents and much more time providing care,”Shavelson said.


Epicin Juneannounced it could to remain with TEFCA, offering its customers 2,000 hospitals and 45,000 clinics the opportunity to take part in the nationwide interoperability framework.

MarinHealth joined a strategic partnership with Optum earlier this season, seeking tools to improve its administrative infrastructure and improve its business processes.


“Access consolidated medical records across different clinical areas will improve care when patients are described various specialists or other ancillary services at all MarinHealth locations,” said MarinHealth INFIRMARY CEO Dr. David Klein in a statement.

“All providers and organizations using Epic can simply exchange patient data, that may greatly improve patient care,” he added. “Providers will be capable of coordinate care with doctors beyond MarinHealth who serve their patients and their own families, closing care gaps and reducing duplication. This integrated system furthers the MarinHealth mission to function as destination for health insurance and healing in the North Bay.”


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