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Martha Stewart Did a Teenage Dirtbag ChallengeWith Dr. Dre Audio Instead

If you are on the web at all, you’ve without doubt seen the Teenage Dirtbag trendin which people on TikTok and occasionally Instagram post throwback photos of these teen selves with Wheatus’s iconic Teenage Dirtbag audio in the backdrop. Soon the celebrities hopped on the trend, including Martha Stewart, America’s favorite felon and life-hack maven.

Stewart either didn’t quite understand the assignment or simply didn’t care, because rather than Teenage Dirtbag, she put Dr. Dre’s Still D.R.E. audio in the backdrop on her behalf Instagram. And rather than awkward senior high school pictures, Stewart just uploaded a lot of old modeling photos of herself looking impossibly hotplus a brief tutorial on how best to get lobster meat out of its shell without creating a mess. I really like her. She actually is the very best celebrity.

Yung Gravy, who’s still campaigning hard for Pete Davidson’s spot as unlikely celebrity boy-toy hunk, commented, Lobster trick is killer .

In fairness to Stewart, the initial TikTok video she posted does have the Teenage Dirtbag audio in the backdrop, though she actually is correct that Dr. Dre is a lot more befitting her. There’s something hilariously cheeky about hearing Brendan B. Brown whining, Cuz I’m only a teenage dirtbag, baby, over photos of young Martha Stewart on a yacht or wearing a tidy trench coat and holding a copy of The Wall Street Journal.

Other celebrities who’ve posted their very own quote-unquote teenage dirtbag TikToks include Nina Dobrev, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Alicia Silverstone, and Tony Hawke. With the notable exception of Jennifer Garner, who included genuinely awkward photos of her band geek years because she’s a queen, many of these celebs’ dirtbag photos are less dirtbaggy and much more still hot just younger.

No offense to some of them, however the only celeb I’ll allow this behavior from is Martha Stewart. The very best celebrity.

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