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Master Chief beats down thugs in Yakuza 0 mod

Just with time for a dance battle for Friday Night.

Play as Master Chief in Yakuza 0 because of the energy of modder Kashiiera.

The mod, uploaded earlier this week, replaces usual protagonist Kiryu Kazuma with Halo’s poster boy Master Chief. Specifically his incarnation in Halo 3.

Kashiiera is primarily a Halo modder as it’s their favourite franchise, however they also love Yakuza therefore worked hard to project Master Chief’s model correctly onto Kiryu’s to help keep him looking as natural as you possibly can.

Watch Ian and Aoife discuss Halo Infinite.

Kashiiera has posted a lot of gameplay footage which ultimately shows off the Spartan mastering Kiryu’s different fighting styles.

An extended video of the mod uploaded by Kashiiera.

And when that wasn’t enough, they’ve posted a little bonus – the Arbiter modded in as Kiryu. A stark vision of what life will be like if the Covenant invaded 1980s Tokyo.

Kashiiera has made the mod available via Nexus Mods for anybody who would like to make Master Chief throw bikes at people, do some karaoke, or race some Hot Wheels.

It has made me miss Yakuza 0, but at the very least there’s some Master Chief disco action to cheer me up. Have a happy Friday night, everyone.

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