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Mattel Is Suing Rap Snacks Over Nicki Minaj Barbie-Que Chips

Oop! Companies have already been throwing out lawsuits left and right, and today a favorite urban brand company has been hit with one. In accordance with TMZ, Mattel, the business that owns the Barbie trademark, is suing Rap Snacks over its Nicki Minaj-themed chips. The chips named Barbie-Que, a play on the Barbie title Nicki Minaj identifies herself as were teased on the companys Instagram page on June 30th.

As the brand that sells drinks, glasses of noodles, and much more never launched a release date, Mattel claims Rap Snacks made the deliberate and calculated choice to launch a fresh products using Mattels famous BARBIE trademark. The business claims that although they didn’t consent to the release of the chips, these were willing to trust Rap Snacks. Mattel claims Rap Snacks never responded, thereby forcing Mattel to create this lawsuit as a final resort to safeguard its rights and stop further consumer confusion.

In a written report from Yahoo News, the lawsuit states, The association is indeed evident that upon seeing the packaging, representatives for Defendants celebrity partner queried whether Rap Snacks had obtained permission from Mattel. Indeed, Rap Snacks never requested or received such permission. Together with the chip being discontinued, Mattel can be seeking damages.

Currently, Rap Snacks hasnt spoken out concerning the lawsuit, however in an initial news release announcing the chips, he said, Nicki Minaj is obviously probably the most disruptive forces in the annals of rap. Youre discussing a female who rewrote the guidelines of hiphop culture and is undoubtedly a phenomenal entrepreneur, aswell. He continued, It just is practical that as a brandname disrupting the snack industry, we align to push the bar even more. This is actually the beginning of a legendary partnership.

While news of the lawsuit could have shocked the Barbz, they could be assured that the Queen wont be affected. Nicki Minaj isnt named in the suit! Roomies, what exactly are your thoughts with this one?

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