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Maui, Menu, and Millennials Where Wow Wow is Headed

Maui, Menu, and Millennials - Where Wow Wow is Headed
Tim Weiderhoft

By Tim Weiderhoft, CEO, Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade

Maui, Menu, and Millennials - Where Wow Wow is HeadedWow Wows roots come in Hawaii. This is why we have been named Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade. However the simple fact is that people aren’t a Hawaiian company. We have been not owned by Hawaiians, nor were we founded by Hawaiians. Yes, a few of our franchisees and also an associate of our corporate team were born in Hawaii and also have a strong link with the brand due to the fond memories they had as customers if they lived on the hawaiian islands. But because our brands wonderful journey is intrinsically associated with the sands of a culture that’s taught showing homage to nature, then we naturally reflected that position aswell. Hence, that is why back 2012, whenever we were showing up in local farmer markets on Oahu, whenever we were only serving lemonade, it had been made out of fresh, raw, all-natural, locally sourced ingredients. And in 2014, whenever we started adding acai and smoothie bowls to your menu at our Kihei, Maui location, these were consistently rated as (but still are) probably the most beloved bowls on the island because of the freshness along with the proper preparation and creation of our bowls.

Once we have expanded our menu through the years, we’ve been very intentional when building our recipes. The questions we ask ourselves for new menu options will be the following:

  1. Is there an excellent flavor profile?
  2. Could it be made out of real ingredients?
  3. May be the manner we have been sourcing these ingredients eco-friendly?
  4. May be the food plant-based?

But because you want to make sure we’ve a range of choices for all sorts of diets, we utilize proteins like hummus, quinoa, avocado, and almond. So when factoring in carbohydrates into our ingredients, we use either whole or complex carbs like bananas, strawberries, chickpeas, and quinoa. Our Granola, that is from Lauras Gourmet Granola, is completely delicious along with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, soy-free, Kosher, and contains no colors or fillers. These choices are intentional. We’ve always had a plant-based menu. Moreover, 77% of our recipes are vegan without the changes or substitutions. Which means that our vegan customers can confidently head into our stands and also have over 30 food and beverage options from the get-go.

What we think is a real game changer for the brand in the coming months and years is our new partnership with HowGood, that is The worlds largest product sustainability database in accordance with its website. They will have were able to catalog over 34,000 ingredients worldwide. They share reports to brands on what sustainable and eco-friendly their food is dependant on a vetted and reviewed researched criteria matrix. Now, we are able to see more granularly how our recipes affect the earth, and insurance firms this detailed data, we are in a position to, when appropriate, modify current recipes, or develop new ones that’ll be more sustainable and eco-friendlier than we curently have today.

Not merely is this process to menu development best for the planet nonetheless it resonates greatly with younger generations. Millennial and Gen Z consumers, more often than not, are searching for their brands to be transparent in what and how they’re preparing their food. So when veganism is not any longer considered a wacky-hippy lifestyle choice but the one that people, of most dietary desires, see as a wholesome option, Wow Wow is poised to keep our volcanic growth in the coming years. More folks than ever before, especially millennials and Gen Z consumers, consciously seek out restaurants which have nutrient-rich menu selections which are clear to see because of the fresh and all-natural ingredients within them. Actually, The Restaurant Industry 2030 Report by the National Restaurant Association says that the development of plant-based meals and healthier choices will continue steadily to grow in popularity.

Maui, Menu, and Millennials - Where Wow Wow is Headed
Tim Weiderhoft

We can not claim back 2012 that people knew the planet ten years later will be shifting quickly to an increased plant-based percentage menu consumption. Our roots were simply burrowed in to the soil of Hawaii a culture known because of its reverence to the ocean, the land, and the soul. We’ve tried to help keep the spirit of aloha alive inside our stands because that’s truly the essence of who we have been and for whom we make an effort to be. Luckily for all of us, younger generations have a larger thirst for real, healthy, and nutrient-rich fare than previous ones, making Wow Wow an excellent option for them.

Ahead of his role as CEO with Wow Wow, Tim Weiderhoft served because the Vice President of Franchise Development for Massage Envy Franchising overseeing all domestic sales, growth, business development, and private equity partnerships. Ahead of his time with Massage Envy, Tim held leadership positions with Dave & Busters and FedEx Office. Tim began his career in restaurants and retail finding a BA running a business Administration and an MS in general management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. He could be a fourth-year doctoral candidate with Capella University and contains a passion for education and business.

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