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May be the Historic Climate Bill Enough to save lots of the earth?

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The other day, after greater than a year of drama and deal-cutting, the Senate passed an elaborate little bit of legislation called the Inflation Reduction Act. Its name notwithstanding, its being celebrated as the utmost important little bit of climate legislation in the annals of the country. Which is a fairly low bar, the staff writer Elizabeth Kolbert tells David Remnick, because theyve hardly ever really passed a bit of legislation on climate change. Even though bill is far smaller compared to the proposed Build Back Better legislation, Kolbert notes, it offers significant tax credits which will incentivize the adoption of lower-carbon technologies. However the name of the bill, which appears to recognize that scores of voters cares more about the cost of oil when compared to a habitable planet, shows that the political head winds haven’t slackened. George Bush famously said, back the first nineties, [that] our life-style isn’t up for negotiation, Kolbert states. Well… our life-style might not be appropriate for coping with climate change. She mentions the recent devastating floods in Kentucky, a red state: Is Kentucky now likely to go vote for those who are firmly focused on climate action? I sadly dont expect that to occur.

Kolbert may be the writer of books including The Sixth Extinction and Under a White Sky.

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