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MAY BE THE iPhone 14 Waterproof? Apple’s Water-Resistance Explained

With Apple recently announcing the iPhone 14 lineup and the vacation season approaching fast, individuals are gearing around upgrade their smartphones. When researching their next purchase, buyers are bound to encounter terms like IP67 and IP68 in the tech-specs section. Some tech-savvy buyers know very well what these terms mean, a big number don’t realize what these numbers truly represent.

For the uninitiated, these numbers denote the water resistance capabilities of smartphones and wearables. Higher numbers usually match the improved capability to resist water and dust. Issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), IP ratings have grown to be quite commonplace in the wonderful world of electronics. It has additionally turn into a norm for some gadgets brands to tout the IP ratings of these products in ad campaigns.

Apple has been a large proponent of advertising the IP ratings of its smartphones on its website. While all Apple iPhones sold today offer some type of water resistance, that wasn’t the case as recently as 2016 until Apple launched the iPhone 7 lineup. The unit were the initial iPhones to boast an IP rating. While iPhone models sold today feature the ratings to denote some type of water repelling capability, the unit don’t all offer same amount of protection from liquids.

How water-resistant may be the iPhone 14?

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Most iPhone models sold today which range from the iPhone 12 series to the most recent iPhone 14 series are IP68 rated for water and dust resistance. The unit provide a higher amount of IP68 protection over older IP68-rated iPhone models just like the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

As the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 fall into line feature IP68 rating up to depth of 6 meters, the max depth for the iPhone 11 Pro lineup is 4 meters despite being IP68 rated themselves. For the even cheaper iPhone 11 models despite the fact that they’re IP68 rated, the unit are just rated safe up to depth of 2 meters (via Apple).

The only real currently available Iphone model to provide a lesser standard of IP rating may be the company’s third generation iPhone SE model, which is still IP67 rated for ingress protection. Because of this, another gen iPhone SE model can only just rise to a depth of just one 1 meter and may stay there safely for 30 minutes.

Despite touting the water-resistance capabilities of its newer smartphones, Apple will not cover damage due to liquid under warranty. It is suggested, therefore, to be cautious around water together with your iPhone. For all those thinking about knowing more, Apple includes a dedicated page explaining the diverse water resistance capabilities of its entire selection of smartphones, you start with the iPhone 7.

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