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Mbappe sides with Pogba amid witchcraft, blackmail claims

PARIS (AP) Kylian Mbapp has spoken to Paul Pogba after being implicated in lurid claims involving a witch doctor and said on Monday he really wants to believe his France teammate who’s the main topic of alleged blackmail.

Today, I favor to believe the term of a teammate, Mbapp said at a news conference before Paris Saint-Germains Champions League game on Tuesday against Juventus, Pogbas current club.

Pogba cannot play due to a knee injury.

French authorities are investigating allegations Pogba was the prospective of an extortion plot by his brother and childhood friends who demanded 13 million euros ($13 million) from the former Manchester United midfielder.

Mbapp was dragged in to the story when you are named in social media marketing posts by Pogbas brother, Mathias.

Paul Pogba reportedly told investigators the blackmailers aimed to discredit him by claiming he asked a witch doctor to cast a spell on French superstar Mbapp.

Pogba denied that allegation and Mbapp sided on Monday with the ball player he won a global Cup with in 2018.

He called me, he gave his version of the reality, Mbapp said. Its his word contrary to the word of his brother. He (Paul Pogba) already has certain problems and I believe its not enough time to increase them for him. Well observe how that goes, Im pretty detached from all that.

French officials have said Pogba paid 100,000 euros (nearly $100,000) to the group including his brother that tried to extort millions more.

Pogba reportedly made the payment after he was threatened by masked, armed men in a Paris apartment in March while he was in France for a national team game.

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