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McConnell super PAC pulls out of Arizona…

The Mitch McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund is canceling $9.6 million in television ads for the Arizona Senate race, confident that other outside conservative groups can make up a lot of the difference for Republican nominee Blake Masters.

Why it matters: The cancellations imply that the GOP’s leading super PAC will not be spending hardly any money in Arizona, probably the most closely watched Senate races in the united kingdom. Its allied nonprofit arm spent several millions in hawaii on issue ads on the summer.

State of play: Other GOP-aligned super PACs, including one associated with the conservative Heritage Action for America super PAC, will undoubtedly be making up a few of the difference. The Sentinel Action Fund will undoubtedly be spending $3.5 million on television ads and another $1.5 million on voter outreach, in accordance with Politico.

The picture as a whole: Despite Arizona’s battleground status, many Republican officials have already been apprehensive about Masters’ prospects against Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.).

  • Masters is trailing Kelly in public areas polling, and Republican internal surveys have his unfavorability ratings unusually high for a first-time candidate.
  • The majority of the outside funding for Masters’ campaign will now be via ideologically aligned groups, not those directly committed to a Republican Senate majority.

By the numbers: SLF was likely to spent $9.6 million on television ads in Arizona. Up to now, the exterior groups have composed about $7.5 million of this total.

What they’re saying: “Were glad to see Republican outside forces turning up in a large way in Arizona, with millions in new spending pledged to remove Mark Kelly in the ultimate stretch,” Senate Leadership Fund President Steven Law told Axios.

Reality check: Despite the fact that the McConnell-aligned super PAC isn’t extra cash in Arizona, McConnell is hosting a fundraiser for Masters on Wednesday, in accordance with Punchbowl News. That could mark the next fundraiser McConnell has held for Masters, who repeatedly criticized the Republican leader through the primary.

Underneath line: SLF will undoubtedly be reallocating the amount of money designed for Arizona into three different states Georgia, New Hampshire and Nevada. “This enables us to pursue offensive opportunities, maximize our investment in existing commitments, and concentrate our efforts to win the Senate majority,” Law said.

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