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McDonalds is testing a chicken version of its most iconic burger

Thegreat chicken sandwich waris definately not over, at the very least if McDonald’s has its say.

In this stage of the battle, the Golden Archesisn’t entirely reimagining what’s possible, as Popeyesdid 3 years ago. Rather, thelargest fast-food chain on earth is testing a chicken version of its most iconic burger.

McDonald’s is busy checking out the Chicken Big Macin select national and international markets. After first debuting over the pond last winter, the buzzy sandwich finally drops stateside “later this month.” However, it’ll only be accessible atMiami-area stores, in accordance withThe Washington Post.

If the Magic City isn’t in your neck of the woods, don’t give up hope. McDonald’s has suggested a much wider rollout could be coming if the Chicken Big Mac performs well. In the U.K., the sandwich reportedly sold-out in mere 10 days.

“We’re always seeking to give our fans more methods to benefit from the classic menu items they know and love,” McDonald’stold The Post within an email inquiring concerning the new offering, which includes made the rounds on social media marketing.

The burger chain added that “without everything we test helps it be on our U.S. menus, we’ll utilize this time and energy to gather feedback from both customers and restaurant crew once we consider opportunities to provide more delicious options later on.”

Like the classic Big Mac, the chicken version sold in the U.K. and viewed in leaked U.S. training materials includes a sesame seed bun withspecial sauce, shredded lettuce, pickles and a slice of American cheese. Rather than a set of juicy beef burgers, however, the sandwich sports two “tempura chicken patties.” A statement from McDonald’s didn’t mention if the finely chopped onion, another staple Big Mac ingredient, will be included.

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Although Chicken Big Mac isn’t the official menu item, it has turned into a popular secret menu item on social media marketing.

“Even prior to the Chicken Big Mac sandwich debuted over the pond, clever ‘hackers’ individuals who either custom-order off fast-food menus or order multiple items and mash them together themselves were already enjoying it,”Emily Heil wrote in The Post.”They’re something on TikTok: some people apparently convinced their local McDonald’s to create them, while others visited DIY route, utilizing the chicken from other sandwiches.”

News of the brand new sandwich quickly garnered attention on Instagram following the self-proclaimed “breaker of food news” Mark Vayntraub (aka @markie_devo) shared that U.S. employees were “learning how exactly to develop a Chicken Big Mac.” The post, which cited “several” unnamed McDonald’s employees as sources, included a graphic of the Chicken Big Mac alongside illustrated instructions for assembling the sandwiches.

At the moment, McDonald’s has released no more information regarding the Chicken Big Mac. Only time will tell if it becomes a permanent and notable addition to the junk food chain’s menu or only a footnote in chicken sandwich war history.

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