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Media Buying Briefing: How smart-to-market became the order of your day over speed-to-market

It was previously that new customers for a media agency prioritized speed and agility to advertise with new campaigns, as well as when choosing a company through the request-for-proposal (RFP) process. But during the last five years, theres been a subtle but important shift to approaching home based business with greater care and scrutiny and less focus on speed.

Im seeing fewer torture-test sprint pitches, said one home based business executive at a significant holding company media unit who declined to speak on the record. Less of the pitch will happen in three weeks plus much more thoughtful marathons, where were likely to very deep into strategy work and not simply be about how exactly quickly can we optimize [the clients] performance for a while.

Talking to several media agency executives from both holding company shops and independents, there are a variety of factors that play into this shift from speed-to-market to smart-to-market. They include:

More insight and input on the customers end from the finance department and procurement, to guarantee the least possible waste in planning and execution. For a few forms of brands, submitting a scope or perhaps a media plan sign-off budget from their CFO [that CFO] will say OK, it is a bundle, so show me the backdrop, the explanation, the justification, the numbers, the verification you have that is directly adding to sales, said Pete Meyers, president of independent agency BAM Strategy, which does performance-related work. Thats where I believe its good to possess a mixture of factors. Brand marketers have ventured right into a slightly more technical era to be in a position to respond back again to it in comparison to what theyve had the opportunity to accomplish.

I believe procurement has played a much bigger part in your client world than it did about ten years ago, added Jon Lefferts, evp of integrated investment at IPGs UM. Everybody really wants to be profitable and everybody wants profits on return. Everybody really wants to be smarter making use of their dollars. Clients are feeling that pressure, and its own our job to make certain that we have been leading them down the road where were making every dollar count to allow them to reap the rewards.

Theres likely to become more financial scrutiny were seeing it on the RFP front, said Dan Eisenberg, CMO of independent Blue Chip, which does brand, media and shopper work with its clients. Engaging in the CFOs offices is really a more important step, if you can ready your clients for all those meetings, whether its peer to peer or around the C level suite, that thats likely to help reach market quicker. Because or even, youre likely to have to return back and rework the projection.

The higher sophistication of data, analytics and data science tools that both client and agency have to be on a single page. Theres an extremely powerful and necessary evolution and maturation of measurement thats occurring in the media world, said Meyers. And at this time, were sort of I hate to employ a cheesy theme at halftime of this conversation. Dealing with internal data science teams of big mature brands is completely a crucial thing to obtain right. But its not at all something which you establish overnight.

A need to avoid counting on tactics of days gone by, and discover new methods to connect to consumers and audiences. With just how much everything is changing in media generally, what Im seeing, its more about, Lets not consider the past to dictate what were doing later on, said Christine Pineiro, client president with Dentsus Carat U.S. Lets say, OK, how do we do that better and smarter? And how do we find methods to work so we are able to save money time on the strategic work, as they say and less of the trunk office.

The necessity to align on culturally relevant forces which are believe it or not important, such diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as sustainability conditions that have grown to be factors in clients choosing which agency to utilize. With DE&I and diverse own vendors, thats an extremely exciting space when it comes to attracting and dealing with more partners and making certain were being equitable, said Pineiro. Thats a more recent commitment on our part so thats another driver aswell and consideration from that campaign and strategy planning perspective.

Finally, the growing need from marketers that had relied heavily on lower-funnel performance marketing to broaden out their efforts to include brand work to their plans. To become doing full-funnel, you must make smarter, more technical decisions, not only quick optimizations, said the brand new business executive. Many advertisers have become centered on full-funnel, which increasingly more pitches are theyre not siphoning things off anymore to be Here, youre likely to be my performance agency, and youre likely to be my brand agency. But if youre doing both of these, you need to be very cautious. And theres plenty of advertisers who understand why, but theyre still not there yet.

Color by numbers

User-generated content (UGC) in ads are apparently growing in effect on consumers. At the very least thats what mobile agency Consumer Acquisition uncovered after assessing recent studies from EnTribe and Stackla. For just one,84% of consumers say theyre more prone to trust a brandname that markets with UGC, a trend the agency says is continuing to grow during the period of the last 2 yrs. Other insights include:

  • 80% of consumers say UGC highly impacts purchasing decisions;
  • 77% of consumers prefer buying from the brand that markets with UGC;
  • Only 19% of consumers find brand-created content authentic

Takeoff & landing

  • Publicis Groupe retained and gained plenty of Mondelezs media business in the CPG giants review. Along with handling video, multicultural and content marketing in THE UNITED STATES, Publicis Media will handle media for Europe, Latin America, China, elements of Africa and the center East. VaynerMedia will maintain digital and communications planning Canada and the U.S. WPPs Wavemaker will handle media in India, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.
  • Separately, Publicis Epsilon units recently launched CitrusAd retail media platform signed commerce site GoPuff as its first client.
  • Independent Canvas Worldwide partnered with data and information firm TransUnion to utilize the latters consumer data pools to assist in its media and audience planning and measurement.
  • Denver-based digital marketing agency Adtaxi linked to investment firm Onramp Funds to greatly help e-commerce startup firms obtain funding.

Direct quote

Ifyou take into account the incentives of Facebook, its to get just as much information because they can in order that ads is often as targeted as you possibly can What were attempting to do differently is use Web3 tech to align the incentives so that folks do better when theyre happier when theyregenerating more money for themselves Weren’t likely to have exactly the same forms of divisive content that encourage visitors to share more and save money time. Weren’t have to to track just as much, were not likely to have a similar thing like mental medical issues that you see on traditional social media marketing.

Zaven Nahapetyan, CTO of decentralized social platform Niche, which Antoinette Siu wrote about the other day.

Speed reading

  • Digidays senior marketing reporter Marty Swant got usage of Mozillas latest Privacy Not Included report, which dove in to the insufficient privacy some pregnancy and period apps offer their user base, at the same time when that data may be used against them given that Roe v. Wade has been overturned.
  • Senior ad-tech reporter Ronan Shields tackled the daunting topic of supply path optimization, and what sort of possible decrease in sales-side platforms and demand-side platforms could ultimately result in a decrease in whats referred to as the tech tax.
  • Media agency reporter Antoinette Siu also got reactions from the amount of sources to the ANAs recently issued guide to programmatic buying that attempts to get rid of a few of the murkier components of the buying practice.

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