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MediaMath to aid Unified ID 2.0

MediaMath, the global adtech platform, has announced that it’s supporting Unified ID 2.0, the identity solution produced by The Trade Desk and handed off to the non-profit as a collaborative and open source tool. Unified ID 2.0 is among the leading alternative identifiers in the adtech space and contains been widely adopted by advertisers and publishers.

Unified ID 2.0 joins LiveRamp, Lotame, ID5, LiveIntent along with other identity frameworks open to MediaMath users.

Coming together? The Trade Desk and MediaMath compete as DSPs, so although Trade Desk has technically relinquished control of Unified ID 2.0, its striking to see MediaMath embrace it as among the identity solutions it provides to advertisers.

MediaMaths strategy has gone to create a marketplace of identifiers instead of develop its.

Why we care. Among the leading DSPs offers hospitality to a remedy developed by among its competitors. Furthermore, a move such as this will lend credence that even the fiercest competitors have recognized a shared fascination with making cookieless advertising work; in maintaining the opportunity to target audiences in a privacy-respecting way; and in supporting an open internet instead of allow walled gardens, making use of their deep wells of first-party data, end up being the only games around.

We welcome MediaMath to the Unified ID 2.0 initiative because they take a step of progress on the continuing future of the open internet, said Jay Goebel, GM, Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk, in a release.

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