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Medical informatics is more about knowledge and wisdom than data and analytic codes

It’s been ten years since Professor Wonchul Cha, Director of the Digital Innovation Center at Samsung INFIRMARY, started a lifetime career in medical informatics.

The healthcare veteran made a decision to pursue this type of work when he saw the technical advancements of IT together with the digital transformation efforts happening in a healthcare facility.

He explains, “New devices and solutions are getting into the world each day while work processes in a healthcare facility tend to be more closely developed with digital devices. The price of digitalisation is decreasing, and people’s expectations are rising. I discover that the problem has ripened which requires the proper visitors to join for the harvest.”

Informatics being an academic field targets information, that is like a foundation of healthcare, in accordance with Prof Cha.

“It offers you the energy to redesign and reconstruct healthcare,” he says.

“However, wisdom is required to properly connect information. Thus, informatics is more about knowledge and wisdom than data and analytic codes.”

Prof Cha’s biggest motivation in this field may be the goal to bridge the wide information gaps among patients and healthcare providers to improve experience and outcomes.

“Physicians are under continuous strain within their interactions with other doctors because of information gaps while nurses battle to deliver appropriate information to doctors and patients to boost decision making. For patients, they are generally left at night with no timely information to create their very own decisions,” he explains.

IT in the ED

Prof Cha has practised medicine in the emergency department for over 20 years. For the reason that area, efficiency and timeliness of clinical procedure aren’t a choice but essential, he says. “For most situations, a good short while delay results in loss, even death”.

He previously observed that medical errors could occur at any point during emergency procedures with the huge potential of causing actual harm.

For an effective ED, he says, governance and coordination are fundamental. “To be able to win through every nights battle, teamwork is necessary; collective human intelligence is our greatest weapon”.

This organised effort is further enhanced through digital technologies, that could decrease the delay by giving an optimal path, connecting care providers, and improving communications.

Doctors as champions

Because of this HIMSS22 APAC speaker, the highlight of his career is leading the SMC Digital Innovation Center, which includes successfully integrated all the hospital’s teams involved with digital operations. “The synergy of the teams is the foremost power we’ve at SMC. This is one way we achieved HIMSS INFRAM Stage 7 the initial on earth within this type of short time of time,” he claims.

Because the director of the department, he could be most passionate about helping physicians with IT concerns. He identifies them as “champions with an excellent passion for patients and research”.

“Physicians find a very good and right solution to use technology when properly explained Successful IT projects always require ‘champions’ from the field,” he adds.

SMC is looking to function as best smart hospital on earth, concentrating on innovations in strategy, metaverse, AI, robots and telehealth. Since a lot of its journey involves entering uncharted territory, it’s been cooperating with regulatory authorities and HIMSS to navigate through it.

Given the challenges posed by the ongoing climate crisis, COVID-19, and a rapidly ageing population in South Korea, Prof Cha says it really is vital to “build resilient individuals and resilient healthcare systems” that may deal with uncertainty.

“Digital technologies will undoubtedly be great shields for all of us.”

Prof Cha will undoubtedly be speaking at the HIMSS22 APAC Conference through the keynote session, Digital Health Transformation Leveraging Cloud. The conference will undoubtedly be happening in Bali, Indonesia from 26 to 29 September. Learn more here.

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