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Meek Mill, Kylie Jenner, AND MUCH MORE Say Instagram Is Dead

Meek Mill took to his Twitter account expressing his frustrations with Instagram. Recently, influencers and celebrities have called out Instagram because of its complex algorithm.

Meek Mill


Lately, public figures have already been coming forward to provide their two cents on the changes Instagram has made on its platform.

Earlier this Monday, Philly rapper Meek Mill called Instagram out about its new algorithm on Twitter.

THE HOME Party rapper said:

Been on these apps 10 years seven days a week it is possible to tell they being controlled I possibly could post 10 phones with different account wont see my post before next day what’s that? And its own on all my homies pages too?

Who do we pay to show our social medias back up since they turned our reach completely down I want a instagram rep or something asap

One fan commented under one of is own rants, saying:

They need one to buy to their system with ads first. They cause you to pay to gain access to your personal followers

Meek isnt the only real celebrity questioning the social media marketing platform.

Recently, Kylie Jenner and her sisters, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, who’ve over 800m followers combined, also publicly complained, which resulted in a reply from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.

The truth stars reposted a graphic on the stories that read:

Make Instagram Instagram Again.

1 day later, the CEO seemingly responded by saying:

If youre seeing a fresh, full-screen version of a feed or youre hearing about any of it, know that it is a test, Adam explained. Its a test to some percentage of individuals on the market, and the theory is a more full-screen experience, not merely for video but also for photos, may be a little more fun and engaging experience. But I also wish to be clear, its not yet good.

Instagram users and fans reacted, agreeing that the platform must get back to its original way.

One user said:

Just stop changing at all times, and make our followers see our photos Again .

The final time Kyle Jenner publicly complained in regards to a social media marketing platform, it had been Snapchat, which quickly lost over $1B.

Could this function as start of the end for Instagram? Only time will tell.

Although some celebrities try their social media marketing accounts to beef with the platform itself, some are employing it expressing their frustrations of their industry.

Recently, Cardi B continued another Twitter rant accusing the music industry of using her, and a string of haters rushed to chime in.

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