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Meet HEXGO NFT: The NFT Brand That Rewards Members

A fresh NFT brand called HEXGO is here now, and the team behind it has huge plans to become premier blue chip NFT ecosystem. The private assortment of 5,000 Ethereum NFTs continues on sale on Sunday, October 2nd, at 11 AM EST. However, it is possible to make an application for this exclusive VIP invite-only whitelist at this time via the state HEXGO NFT Discord.

Image of HEXGO NFT
HEXGO NFTs will continue sale Sunday, October 2nd!

HEXGO already has over 100 partners in the NFT space, and the network continues to be growing! The NFTs will offer you utility never seen before in the NFT space, developing a truly 50/50 NFT community. Holders will benefit immensely, with 50% of royalties and 50% of the mint time for the city vault and bank.

What is HEXGO?

A lot more than yet another NFT project, HEXGO views itself as a web3 brand which will change how exactly we view the idea of the NFT community.

HEXGO supplies a different perspective on the NFT model and aims to disrupt the status quo. Actually, the NFT brand includes a vision that delivers non-stop action and longevity.

With a team of over 50 staff, it is a fast-growing company. Furthermore, as a registered business, they provide 100% transparency and a skilled team of experts.

Whats more, the exciting team has recently announced over 100 partnerships in the web3 space, including NFT project partners, crypto partners, and entrepreneurs!

The HEXGO NFT 6 Core Utilities!

The Six core utilities constitute the HEXGO hexagon. These utilities can help the brand progress and create an NFT ecosystem that provides heavy-duty utilities and long-term value.

The core values are:

  • HEXGO Vault A huge selection of NFTs will undoubtedly be stored here and distributed to community members! 250+ OpenSea NFTs brought weekly from 100+ HEXGO NFT partners. There’s a good weekly crack vault contest and monthly bank heist contest that is very exciting. 50% OpenSea NFT royalties will go straight into the vault, and 50% of the mint switches into the lender!
  • HEXGO Club Exclusive usage of a VIP members-only club.
  • HEXGO Rewards Usage of coupons, discounts, events, merch, and gifts.
  • HEXGO Ecosystem Join over 100+ combined NFT projects in this huge NFT network!
  • HEXGO Meta Pass Entrance in to the clubhouse and the rest in the Meta Savages (MS) Metaverse island.
  • HEXGO VIP Key It is possible to join various whitelists and discover educational materials, tools, along with other utilities.
Image of HEXGO NFT
Connect with join the HEXGO NFT whitelist at this time via Discord!

HEXGO NFT Vault Cards

Five thousand of the HEXGO NFT Cards are available because of this exclusive collection, and you can find three degrees of rarity.

First, theres the Silver Card, accompanied by the Gold Card, and lastly, the Black Card. Silver Card has 3,700 (74%) NFTs, Gold Card has 1,250 (25%) NFTs, and the ultra-exclusive Black Card has 50 NFTs, creating 1% of the complete collection.

Needless to say, each one of these NFTs provides usage of the great six core utility top features of HEXGO. The only real difference is just how many vault keys you obtain. Silver offers you one key. Gold offers you three, and Black, an enormous ten keys! Basically, each vault key can be an entry in to the competition raffle to win NFTs.

Significantly, these excellent utility NFT Vault cards also offer you entrance to the amazing HEXGO brand, so when the project grows, so will the worthiness of the NFT cards!

The HEXGO NFTs also include huge rewards! As a holder, you should have usage of physical and virtual events, store discounts and coupons, gift cards, giveaways, merchandise, and much more.

The HEXGO Roadmap

An enormous focus for the HEXGO team is developing a meaningful and innovative community brand with long-term sustained hype and realistic but incredible goals!

Furthermore, following the VIP NFT drop, the team plans to announce new partnerships, expand its team and relocate to a fresh office, develop a merch store and open its MS metaverse space.

Finally, dont forget that you could make an application for the HEXGO NFT drop at this time. There is absolutely no mint price yet, since it is usually to be decided by the city.

Head to the state HEXGO Discord for more information. The NFTs continue sale on Sunday, October 2nd at 11 AM EST, in fact it is an excellent possibility to join a thrilling NFT brand. The entire NFT reveal will need put on October 9th.

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As always, make your personal research before making any type of investment.

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