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Meet up with the Generative Art Exhibition Featuring Tyler Hobbs: INSIDE OUR Code

This fall, the machine London gallery will debut its first generative NFT art exhibition together with AOI: INSIDE OUR Code. The function includes leading generative artists, including Tyler Hobbs, IX Shells, and Casey Reas. Collectors can explore the bond between artistic skills and computer coding between September 13th October 16th at the favorite venue.

portrait of the generative NFT creator Tyler Hobbs against a red background for his generative art competition
Unit London joins forces with top generative NFT creators such as for example Tyler Hobbs. Credit: Tyler Hobbs

What’s the INSIDE OUR Code generative art exhibition about?

Starting September 13th, collectors will explore a fresh digital universe via Unit Londons first generative art exhibition. The function, titled INSIDE OUR Code, will reveal the surprisingly strong bond between human imagination and AI.

Being an attendee, you can examine out new NFTs from top artists in the field: Tyler Hobbs, IX Shells, and Casey Reas. Each content creator uses their own autonomous system predicated on their particular data entry system. To clarify, each artist will display another style and color scheme based on their coding plan.

For instance, leading exhibition participant Tyler Hobbs is principally dealing with algorithms and plotters for his generative art. Meanwhile, IX Shells artworks have already been displayed by the prestigious Christies NY this year. Finally, Casey Reas created Processing, a forward thinking programming language to generate animations.

Together, the three artists will display a few of their top artworks during Unit Londons INSIDE OUR Code exhibition.

abstract generative NFT artwork by Tyler Hobbs
A few of Tyler Hobbs most iconic generative NFT artworks will need part in Unit Londons exhibition. Credit: Tyler Hobbs

Why did Unit London synergy with AOI?

THE MACHINE London gallery joined forces with AOI because of its generative art exhibition. AOI (short for Art on Internet) is really a Web3 platform promoting digital creativity via NFTs. From Television shows to art exhibitions, the platform shares exactly the same goal as Unit London: bringing generative artists and collectors together.

Our mission would be to rapidly cross-pollinate the distinct traditional art and NFT audiences, said Unit London Co-founder Joe Kennedy. We offer ongoing opportunities for education and participation across both communities, and develop a truly integrated, forward-looking art world.

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