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Mercedes facing “difficult” situation over F1 car concept change for 2023

With the German car manufacturer still facing battles to comprehend the W13, whose form is wildly inconsistent, time is running out if the squad does wish to accomplish something very different next year.

But its choice is really a tough someone to make since it does not grasp everything that went wrong using its 2022 challenger, plus you can find no real opportunities for this to test radically different ideas this season.

This means the team may need to create a leap of faith in going in a fresh direction for next season, realizing that there is absolutely no guarantee it might be much better.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said discussions about its 2023 car concept had begun at the factory, and the team would have to commit eventually to what it really is doing.

“It is a very hard situation because we obviously have a particular concept of an automobile,” he explained. “It isn’t like we are able to experiment a whole lot this season and simply just dial stuff out and test.

“So whatever we choose for next year must be carefully evaluated because clearly our data don’t give us the outcomes, and do not correlate with the truth. We’ve massive swings in performance that people can’t really can get on top of.

“In this very moment, to have a decision for next year, whatever it might be, like changing the idea dramatically, how will you make sure that that is the better direction to go because clearly we’ll be starting a bit in the past?”

While Mercedes went it alone using its ‘zero-pod’ design this season, as opposed to Red Bull’s downwash concept and Ferrari’s in-wash, the largest difference between your cars actually pertains to how and where they produce their downforce.

George Russell, Mercedes W13

George Russell, Mercedes W13

Photo by: Sam Bloxham / Motorsport Images

The Mercedes only seems to hit peak performance once the car runs super near to the ground, which explains why it has already established this type of problem with bouncing and the ground hitting the bottom.

Red Bull is apparently at another end of the spectrum in having the ability to deliver its best performance at higher ride heights, that was among the factors inside it being so dominant around Spa-Francorchamps last weekend.

Wolff is clear a concept change for Mercedes may likely go well beyond just tweaking its sidepods.

“It’s very difficult to say what’s the idea,” he said. “Could it be the chassis in its current shape? What’s that? Could it be weight distribution? Could it be where one can put the mechanical and aero balance? Could it be the bodywork concept?

“Each one of these different pillars of the automobile are evaluated also it could imply that a few of that goes plus some of this stays? And that is what we’re considering as soon as.”

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Mercedes’ plight in addition has not been helped by the arrival in F1 of a price cap, this means it must juggle financial constraints aswell. Options during the past of shelling out for a B-spec chassis are simply just not there any longer.

“Consider the chassis…we wouldn’t have the ability to introduce a chassis at that stage of the growing season,” Wolff said.

“We have been massively overweight, which we haven’t been really in a position to dial out because we have been trying parts on the automobile to be able to solve our various problems. So we can not afford that, full stop.

“Just what exactly was aimed by introducing the price cap absolutely hit the mark. It really is what they wanted: for doing that the big teams can’t just throw money at it.”

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