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Meta Announces the Retirement of its Neighborhoods NEIGHBORHOOD Groups Project

In news that likely wont have a significant impact for many people, Meta has announced that its shutting down its Nextdoor-like Neighborhoods feature, which its been testing in america and Canada in the last year.

Facebook Neighborhoods

Inspired by the rising fascination with local social engagement, which have been amplified by COVID lockdowns all over the world, Meta saw the chance to place the squeeze on another potential competitor by launching Neighborhoods in Canada last May.

In those days, Nextdoor have been on a tear, seeing an 80% upsurge in users due to the pandemic. As people looked for local support, and new methods to build relationships their immediate neighbors, Nextdoor found new lease of life which in turn prompted Meta to cover more attention, and make it happen just a little harder because of its growth.

Making sense. Facebook groups already are an integral connector for most people,with more than 1.8 billion monthly users, while a lot more than 38% of Facebook group membersalso turn to connect to people within their geographic area through groups.

The logic all fits, sufficient reason for Nextdoor gathering steam, Meta looked to snuff it out, or at the very least, to reduce its momentum by replicating its features.

Replication of the type isnt always made to win, therefore, and halt an apps progress entirely. But by diluting app differentiation, that then gives people less reason to download it to begin with, and begin building new networks.

If youve already linked to all your others who live nearby on Facebook, why start yet again someplace else? It is possible to apply exactly the same logic to Stories, Reels, BeReal, TikTok basically almost every other rising social app in the last decade.

But, as COVID restrictions were lifted, people stopped caring so much about their neighbors anyway.

Nextdoor downloads

As you can plainly see in this chart, Nextdoor downloads surged in both 2019, following international expansion, and in 2020, on the trunk of COVID restrictions. Its since lost lots of that momentum, despite maintaining a reliable baseline, consistent with broader availability.

Therefore, it comes only a small amount surprise to see Meta sunset its Nextdoor alternative, which in addition, it notes is because of its initial tests indicating that Facebook Groups certainly are a better option for such anyway.

Meta Neighbors announcement

At this time, Neighborhoods is available in the united states and Canada, while usage levels are reportedly not incredibly high, so again, the impact will undoubtedly be minimal.

Worth noting, too, that it might also be considered a victim of Metas broader cost-cutting and rationalization, since it seeks to pump additional money into its metaverse development.

All those VR developments are costly, and when Meta really wants to maximize adoption, it requires never to only make great VR experiences, but additionally make sure they are cheap enough that vast amounts of people can buy in.

Because of this, you will probably see more of Metas experiments falling by the wayside, in light of its bigger goals coming.

Neighborhoods will undoubtedly be shut down by October 1st.

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