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Meta Publishes New Report on the Increasing Consumer Reliance on Business Messaging

Messaging is becoming an extremely important connective tool for most businesses and consumers, with a lot more than 20 billion messages now sent between people and brands on Messenger alone on a monthly basis. Its convenient, generally sees quick response, and can be acquired within the apps that folks are already more comfortable with because of their direct interactions. Actually, 64% of individuals now say they might would rather message instead of call a small business.

With this thought, Meta recently partnered with the Boston Consulting Group on a survey greater than 6,500 respondents over the APAC region, to be able to glean more insight into how APAC users want to utilize messaging for brand queries, and how businesses can better align with one of these shifts.

The 29-page report, that you can download here, carries a selection of valuable insights in to the importance, and value, of messaging interactions. Heres a glance at a few of the key notes:

To begin with, the report talks about the growing adoption of business messaging, and how thats changed through the entire pandemic.

Meta messaging report

The global lockdowns resulted in a substantial boost in eCommerce activity, and therefore, its little surprise to start to see the reliance on business messaging rise lately. But thats also an integral trend of note for brands as more consumers conduct more of these interactions via messaging, along with other online means, that, subsequently, increases their expectation of exactly the same options from other businesses.

The report also offers a somewhat surprising look at how often folks are messaging with brands:

Meta messaging report

Thats lots of activity, which seems more impactful compared to the raw numbers, with regards to messaging volume. Plenty of consumers are getting together with brands almost every other day, so its not only that theyre by using this as a supplementary connection channel, it’s fast becoming an important connector for businesses.

The report also talks about the different ways that brands may use messaging of their process:

Meta messaging report

Meta messaging report

And also the key pain points for consumers when messaging with brands:

Meta messaging report

There are several interesting insights here, worth factoring into your planning. Really, if youre not offering direct messaging as a connective option, or optimizing for this, youre likely really missing out. Even though this data is APAC specific, many of these trends may likely hold in other regions aswell, which could offer you some food for thought for the planning, particularly once we head into the vacation sales push.

It is possible to download Metas full Business Messaging: The Quiet Channel Revolution across Tech report here.

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