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MetaTrekkers NFT: From Metaverse Perks To TRUE TO LIFE Benefits

MetaTrekkers is really a new NFT project offering exclusive benefits thats live at this time. Their distinctive characters and ambitious plans are surely likely to be considered a hit with the city.

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The advantages of the MetaTrekkers community

What’s MetaTrekkers?

Drawing inspiration from Elon Musks 1984 Blastar game, MetaTrekkers centered on creating unique character design. This is just step one to leading their community on a special metaverse journey. To describe, each MetaTrekkers NFT entitles the holder to a variety of exclusive and exciting perks.

Originally, the team purchased a Decentraland parcel, deploying it to host weekly art, NFT and metaverse related events. Now, their are newly-introduced special rarities in the MetaTrekkers collection, identifiable by unique attributes and represented by 10 Legendary, 20 Epic and 30 Rare NFTs.

MetaTrekkers were firstly open to Pioneers Whitelist members however now it is possible to mint one on OpenSea.

What benefits do these NFTs have?

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It is a community you dont desire to miss

Firstly, holders each receive land shares in 3 Metaverses; Decentraland, SandBox and Otherside. Furthermore, everyone could have showcasing rights in the MetaTrekkers Decentraland memorial and usage of royalties. Next, they’ll host a thrilling Decentraland Parcel Giveaway, exclusively for holders. Incredibly, theyre also offering $15k (in ETH) & $12.5 (in MANA) .

The perks dont stop there, with Limited-edition wearables and exclusive airdrops from high-profile artists to become available too. Plus, holders have the opportunity to generate passive income from MetaTrekkers Club partnerships and collaborations.

Obviously, no exclusive NFT membership club is complete without usage of the largest DJ battles in the metaverse along with other VIP events. Finally, in addition they offer an all-expenses paid visit to TBC Summit.

The team allocates 2% NFT royalty fees to help expand develop the holder community.

Concerning the MetaTrekkers Events and plans For future years

Our MetaTrekkers Club have hosted a lot more than 20 events and parties, and thats just since October 2021! Now, theyre planning a lot more in the metaverse and true to life too.

However, this is just the start! To illustrate, they will have plenty more educational, development, investment and charitable opportunities planned. For instance, the purchase and metaverse property shares of land in the Meta (Facebook) metaverse could be on the cards. Plus, their roadmap promises a large time celebration marked by a special Many thanks! party with a surprise special guest DJ! Be sure you look out for that!

Who created the collection?

Chris Oniya may be the Founder, with experience being an OpenSea & Ripple Angel Investor and alumni of Harvard VPAL. FinTech. Joining him, a team of experts with experience in building, trading, designing and much more for a few of the very best tech companies nowadays.

Ways to get a MetaTrekkers NFT

All MetaTrekker NFTs can be found on our mint page and in the OpenSea collection. The NFTs are 0.11 ETH each and so are available at this time! Discover more about them via their linktree and obtain your pass today.

All investment/financial opinions expressed by aren’t recommendations.

This short article is educational material.

As always, make your personal research before making any type of investment.

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