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MHI and Mitsubishi Logisnext to Commence Provision of Automated Picking Solutions for Warehouses Predicated on “∑SynX”

TOKYO, Sept 1, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Mitsubishi Logisnext Co., Ltd., section of MHI Group, have completed development of an automated picking system. This technique integrates automated guided forklifts (AGFs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and palletizers(1). “LogiQ X Labo”, a demonstration facility because of this new logistics solution, in addition has opened at Yokohama Hardtech Hub (YHH), a co-creation space operated by MHI in Yokohama. Tours of the demonstration facility will undoubtedly be available to customers from October, to aid their consideration of adopting automation and reducing manual labor of their warehouses.

“LogiQ X Labo”, a demonstration facility at YHH

As yet, picking operations in warehouses have depended on workers pursuing efficiency through intense concentration. The newly developed picking system introduces automation and intelligence in to the picking process through application of MHI’s “SynX” (Sigma Synx) solution(2) concept currently under development. Customized application developed in-house as well as a built-in control system enable efficient coordination of multiple AGFs, AGVs and palletizers. This results in fewer picking and transfer operations, optimized picking processing, and higher throughput.

By automating and introducing intelligence into picking operations conventionally performed by numerous workers, the brand new solution really helps to alleviate current shortages of logistics operators, frees workers from the arduous labor of picking heavy items, and plays a part in reducing human error.

As the new solution will not require any large-scale floor construction or modifications, it could be adopted for today’s increasingly prevalent multi-tenant warehouses, and may also react to sudden changes in customer requirements.

Mitsubishi Logisnext is scheduled to show the way the system feeds stock pallets and delivers palletized pallets utilizing an automated picking system comprising an AGF and AGV at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022(3), to be held at Tokyo Big Sight commencing September 13.

Later on, MHI and Mitsubishi Logisnext will continue applying the entire complement of MHI Group’s capabilities to the development of advanced products, including automated warehousing and shipment systems enabled by SynX, providing optimal answers to the diverse challenges facing the distribution industry.

(1) A palletizer is really a device that performs automated placement and stacking of products on pallets.

(2) SynX is MHI’s standard platform for synchronizing and coordinating various machinery systems. This is a consolidation of digital technologies that enable optimized operation by making machinery systems intelligent.

(3) For details, visit:

Major Characteristics

– Automated picking system devoted to AGFs

In this fully automated work system, the AGF supplies items taken off storage shelves to the AGV and palletizer. After picking, finished items are retrieved by AGV and AGF and used in storage shelves.

– Proposal of optimum equipment configuration through logistics simulation ahead of system adoption

Distribution flow is simulated ahead of system installation in line with the customer’s historical picking data. A proposal is constructed of the perfect equipment configuration and layout to fulfill the customer’s needs.

– Optimal equipment coordination through adoption of MHI’s integrated control system

AGFs, AGVs and palletizers are coordinated efficiently through usage of MHI’s integrated control system. The adoption of optimized logic responds to needs utilizing the minimal amount of palletizing operations.

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