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Michael Cohen Says Trump Must be Treated Like Al Capone: Get Him on the easy Stuff (Video)

Trumps former lawyer Michael Cohen is confident that folks are overthinking things with regards to criminally charging Donald Trump. In Cohens view, the twice-impeached former president must be treated like Al Capone and convicted for his more standard crimes.

Cohen appeared go on CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta on Saturday to go over the ongoing investigations plural into his former client. Even though hes confident at this time that Trump is facing bleak outcomes in virtually any scenario following these investigations, Cohen argued that prosecutors may be aiming a touch too high with regards to the charges they would like to convict Donald Trump on.

For him, the matter that may likely get actual results will be charging Trump with smaller crimes which are pretty definitively documented at this time.

I also dont realize why were so fixated on getting him for everything, Cohen said. You dont should do that. Lets get him on the easy stuff, the stuff we know, that is tax evasion, misrepresentation to banks, you understand, lying on personal financial statements. Like what they did to Al Capone! You dont need to get him for X, Y and Z. Lets just get him on that, simply, to place him where he belongs.

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Even though notorious mob boss referred to as Scarface through the Prohibition era became Public Enemy No.1 for a variety of alleged crimes including murder, it had been actually 22 counts of tax evasion that eventually put him behind bars for an 11-year sentence.

All having said that, Cohen seemed pretty confident that Attorney General Merrick Garland and the DOJ have sufficient evidence to charge and convict Trump of all of the crimes he could possibly be accused of right now.

The reality has turn out, and the simple truth is never best for Donald Trump, Cohen said. And in this type of case, yeah, hes had 9,000 lies. But by the end of your day, you have each one of these individuals who have been earned, who’ve provided testimony. You have documentary evidence, just like the evidence I provided to the home oversight committee, that implicates Donald Trump in a variety of illegal or, I will say, improper actions he should be taken to court on.

You can view Cohens full comments to Acosta in the video above.

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