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Michael Jacksons Thriller Singles Receive DiamondCertifications

On which wouldve been Michael Jacksons 64th birthday, the King of Pop received several posthumous gifts from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). THE GIRL IN MY OWN Life, the endearing ballad from Thriller, earned its first Gold certification while his other albums singles, Beat It, P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), and collaboration with Paul McCartney, THE LADY Is Mine received their respective new Platinum certifications.

Yet, Billie Jean and the Thriller single became Diamond-certified records. Thriller, the album, gained its overall Diamond certification back 1983 and became 34 times multi-platinum in August 2021. That same month, Bad also became 11 times multi-platinum after learning to be a Diamond-certified album in February 2017.

This season marks the 40th anniversary of Michael Jacksons Thriller and his estate is rereleasing the LP with an additional benefit CD featuring demos and completely new tracks. The brand new songs begins rolling out after Labor Day and can conclude prior to the new albums release this November.

Additionally, you will have pop-up activations to align with Thrillers anniversary. Apart from all of the Thriller hoopla, abiopiccentered round the late global superstar is in the works, and theTony-winning musical honoring his legacy will embarkon a national tour.

Watch the video for the newly-minted Diamond-certified single, Billie Jean, below.

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