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Microsoft CEO is ‘Very Confident’ the Activision Blizzard Deal Will undoubtedly be Approved

Microsoft CEO is 'Very Confident' the Activision Blizzard Deal Will be Approved

by William D’Angelo , posted 6 hours ago / 853 Views

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talking to Bloomberg discussed the Activision Blizzard acquisition and said he could be “very confident” the offer will undoubtedly be approved even while the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the united kingdom will be performing a more in-depth investigation in to the deal.

“Needless to say, any acquisition of the size will proceed through scrutiny, but we feel very, very confident that well turn out,” said Nadella.

Nadella added that Microsoft may be the fourth or fifth biggest competitor in the gaming industry and Sony because the number 1 player has made several recent acquisitions. “So if that is about competition, why don’t we have competition,” he said.

Microsoft CEO is 'Very Confident' the Activision Blizzard Deal Will be Approved

The Microsoft CEO believes that Microsoft can deal with a weaker economy and rising inflation, and at exactly the same time help its customers endure.

“The constraints are realinflation is certainly all over,” he said. “I usually get back to the idea that within an uncertain time, within an inflationary time, software may be the deflationary force.”

Microsoft will continue to work on “making certain our customers are capable of doing more with less,” said Nadella. “So with regards to outlook, I’m optimistic about Microsofts value proposition. Im optimistic about our share, but we have been not immune from whatever is really a macroeconomic headwind.”

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