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Microsoft’s 3D Emoji Collection Goes Open-Source



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Developers and creatives will have free rein over Microsofts awesome 3D emoji. By August 10th, the Fluent UI emoji collection is open-sourceyou can download everything on GitHub or Figma. The only real exceptions are emoji involving Microsoft logos or Clippy.

Microsoft initially showed off its Fluent UI 3D emoji through the Windows 11 announcement. But much to the disappointment of fans, 3D emoji are just featured in Microsoft Teams. The Windows 11 operating-system still uses plain-Jane 2D emoji.

This collection includes 1,538 emoji in SVG, PNG, and JPG file formats. Needless to say, Microsoft offers open-source code to change the emoji with new skin tones, expressions, and much more.

Because these emoji are open-source, you could utilize them for almost anything (within the confines of Microsofts code of conduct). If you prefer a custom emoji pack for the Discord chat, for instance, Microsoft just gave you a fairly solid head start.

Unfortunately, you cant upload custom emoji to Microsoft TeamsI call this a missed opportunity. Pairing custom emoji with Microsofts official Fluent UI selection would give a more personal experience for those who work in Teams.

Again, it is possible to download the open-source 3D emoji atGitHub or Figma. Be aware that emoji containing Microsoft properties, including Clippy, are excluded out of this project to safeguard copyright.

Source: Microsoft via Digital Trends

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