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Mike Barnes is Officially Back again to Torture Daniel LaRusso (Again) in Cobra Kai Season 5

All three members of the Karate Kid III hive, please rise.

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Fellow students of Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang, Miyagi-Door your fictional karate studio of preference, reallylisten up. We’ve good news. Not merely has Netflix announced that Cobra Kai‘s fifth season will debut sooner than expected, but there is a new batch of photos from the brand new episodes. Guess who makes an appearance? Mike Barnes, baby. In the event that you remember, Terry Silver earned Barnes to kick Daniel LaRusso’s tushy and f*ck up Mr. Miyagi’s bonsai trees in the maligned Karate Kid III, but our man eventually won, as always.

Now, it is possible to safely assume that Silver will contact his old buddy to wreak havoc in the Valley, and perhaps even strike a blow (or two) to LaRusso, similar to the old days. All of those other photos aren’t totally noteworthy, aside from more Chozen (!) and a glance at Robbie hanging with Miguel near a pool. So yeah, apparently Miguel isn’t so MIA in the end. Isn’t it time to dive back to the Miyagi-verse? No? We’re carrying it out anyway. Here’s everything we realize about Cobra Kai Season Five up to now.

When Will Season Five of Cobra Kai Debut?

If you are a Cobra Kai superfan, you understand that the creators behind the series run a good production schedule, never letting a lot more when compared to a year pass between seasons since its debut. Season Five will undoubtedly be no different. The trailer announced that Cobra Kai will break its longstanding New Year’s release date tradition, arriving on September 9, 2022.

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Where Could Cobra Kai Season Five Take Its Heroes? (And Villains, Too.)

By the looks of the growing season Five preview, streaming above, we will see another The Karate Kid II-esque road trip, only with Johnny and Robby rather than Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. The daddy and son will check out Mexico, looking for Miguel as he searches for his father. (Does Miguel’s dad know karate? Probably!) Regardless of what, the Cobra Kai producers are making sure to reassure us that another season will undoubtedly be worth the wait. Theres lots of insanity; if youre a fan of the franchise, maybe some familiar faces arrive, not; theres likely to be a large amount of karate, Jon Hurwitz told Deadline at the PGA Awards.

Let’s discuss those familiar faces. Whose money is on The Karate Kid Part III villain Mike Barnes growing to be Miguel’s dad? We’ll need to wait and see. Meanwhile, back the valley, Terry Silver has reverted back again to his manic-aggressive ’80s self, looking like he might function as endgame villain because of this series, looking to turn the complete state of California right into a Cobra Kai dojo. Because of the trailer and photos, we realize that Season Five will dsicover Daniel, together with his frenemy Chozen, do everything they are able to to avoid Silver and Barnes. Maybe Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce, last observed in ANOTHER Karate Kid, will finally arrive to put a finish to all or any the craziness. We’ll save predictions for each among the thousand-some kids with this show, but assume that whatever allegiances that they had by the end of Season Four, they’ll jump ship to some other side by the finish of another batch of episodes. That’s how Cobra Kai goes.

Think about the continuing future of Cobra Kai beyond its fifth season? Well, it’s hard to inform. The trio of producers behind the series have long teased spinoffs occur the Karate Kid world, which they’ve dubbed the Miyagi-verse. (Number 1 on our wishlist can be an Okinawa-set origin story for Mr. Miyagi.) Plus, Hayden Schlossberg added in the PGA interview: We’ve an end at heart. Just how many seasons it requires to obtain there, we dont know. Were enjoying rendering it so much…. If it gets tiring to us, well stop before that; we’ve some more seasons already planned out. You can easily start to see the series ending its run while it’s still massively successful, or keep on provided that William Zabka and Ralph Macchio are prepared to reprise their iconic ’80s roles. In any event, we’re not likely to visit a 55-year-old Miguel mentoring a fresh generation of fighters during Cobra Kai Season 43, right?

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