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Minnesota pawn shop owner claims to possess discovered lost photos from the Nanjing Massacre

A pawn shop owner in Minnesota claims to possess discovered long-lost photos taken through the Nanjing Massacre.

In a video posted to TikTok with over 9.5 million views, Evan Kail says a customer sent him a vintage album of photos from World War II with the intention of selling it. When he opened the album and inspected its contents, he found disturbing photos called should they were taken through the December 1937 massacre, which lasted for six weeks and saw at the very least 200,000 Chinese civilians killed by the Imperial Japanese Army.

Initially, the photos dont appear to be anything unusual.

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The soldier is stationed in Southeast Asia, probably around 1937-1938, also it begins OK, says Kail. However the pictures begin to have more war related here.

He continues on to flip the page from what are presumably the images from the Nanjing Massacre also referred to as the Nanking Massacre or the Rape of Nanking but stops, saying I cannot demonstrate whats beyond this site.

When I acquired that book on Monday, and I opened it up and I acquired beyond that page, I screamed, Kail says. Somehow, that guy who took those photos, was present for the Rape of Nanking. He took about 30 photographs which are unknown to history which are worse than anything Ive seen on the web in color those photos come in monochrome.

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I majored in Japanese studies, and we covered the Rape of Nanking, and I recall my professors telling me that photographic evidence was mostly destroyed by japan, he continues. You can find very, hardly any photographs on the market. He took photos of items that Ive find out about in books that I didnt even realize anyone had ever documented before.

However, questions concerning the validity of the photos currently remain unanswered. For instance, the scrapbook lists the ship its owner sailed on because the U.S.S. Augusta. In accordance with Naval History and Heritage Command, the Augusta was not in Nanking during the massacre, which began on Dec. 13, 1937. Even though ship had previously gone to Nanking multiple times, it had been in Shanghai on Dec. 12, nearly 300 km away, when it took on the survivors of a gunboat and three oil tankers whose ships were sunk by Japanese naval planes north of Nanking.

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Further, Khail shared a few of the photos on Twitter, the majority of which are really graphic. They depict beheadings, corpses making use of their hands tied behind their backs, and something of a guy linked with a post and being tortured to death with knives captioned Death of one thousand cuts.

Twitter users were quick to indicate that a few of the images shared have already been posted online previously with contexts that contradict the captions written in the album. Similar images of the person being tortured to death have previously been published online and referred to as depicting the execution of a guy named Fu Zhuli. The image of a guy being beheaded in public areas can be acquired as a stock photo and listed as Public execution of a communist in the streets of Nanking 1927.

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Kail ends his video with a plea for his viewers to blow this video up so the proper channels can easily see that I’ve it and contact me hoping that its contents will undoubtedly be preserved and additional studied.

Featured Image via TikTok

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