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Misinformation Still a significant Issue for Government to cope with, Says FDA Chief

Because the COVID-19 pandemic drags on and monkeypox cases are increasing, misinformation continues to be an enormous hurdle for medical researchers and government agencies to overcome, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, MD, said Thursday throughout a briefing sponsored by the Alliance for Health Policy.

“I’ve argued that misinformation is in fact the leading reason behind death in the usa today,” said Califf. “We’ve plenty of effective treatments … for some of our health and wellness problems, but there’s so much misinformation causing visitors to make decisions which are adverse with their health.”

Califf also spoke about increasing the efficiency of the FDA’s evidence generation system, pointing to Oxford University’s Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy (RECOVERY) trial for example of what the agency could shoot for. He suggested increasing sample sizes and embedding clinical trials within clinical practice as methods to gather evidence and receive faster answers to scientific questions.

On another front, Califf’s agency announced this month that foreign manufacturers will be permitted to sell baby formula in the U.S., so that they can combat a formula shortage that is impacting the united states since February in addition to split up the near oligopoly that three companies hold on the formula market. The FDA intends to include foreign plants to their network for regular inspection, despite staffing shortages, Califf said.

“We fully plan to inspect those plants in the same way frequently because the U.S. plants, because if there’s a very important factor we’ve all learned out of this … it’s that infant formula may be the sole way to obtain nutrition for a number of infants,” he told MedPage Today. “We do need more folks, but we’re just likely to beg, steal, and borrow from elements of the FDA until we understand this one right, like the foreign plants.”

Califf’s later declare that “I believe the good thing now is that folks will get infant formula” comes just 9 days after Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) delivered a tweet encouraging parents to talk about their experiences of struggling to gain access to formula, also to include photos of these out-of-stock food markets. “In the united states, parents and caregivers remain desperate for infant formula on shelves,” she wrote. “We have to know the communities which are in need.”

Califf in addition has ordered an external review on the FDA’s tobacco division, which comes significantly less than 2 months following a FDA’s ordered removal of Juul Labs’s vaping products from the marketplace. It has additionally been nearly per year because the court-appointed deadline for the FDA to complete reviews for e-cigarette marketing applications, and continue, under new leadership, is a lengthy process into unfamiliar territory.

Califf listed three regions of tobacco regulation which he plans to target. “One is completing the regulatory activity and the enforcement,” Califf said. “Another is the problem of menthol, where in fact the decisions on menthol vaping have already been deferred. A third may be the area of in the years ahead with the guidelines about cigars and menthol cigarettes. And, of course, we’ve on the normal agenda a reduced amount of nicotine — in the merchandise itself — to a sub-addictive level as an objective.”

Califf also addressed opioid concerns, noting that the FDA will offer you further guidance for prescribers and also parents with concerns regarding addiction and overdose. “Through the month of August, you will see an extremely comprehensive framework that may turn out,” he said. “There is absolutely no magic bullet. You can find dozens of items that have to be done. Each is incremental, but if they are all done together, they might have a large impact.”

Califf, who also served as FDA commissioner from February 2016 to January 2017, also explained why he returned for another time. “I’m not searching for sympathy,” he said. “My partner reminds me each day that I thought we would keep coming back, I had no reason to possess another. But at age 70, when I was considering the problem, I knew there have been likely to be some very difficult things you can do, and that it had been likely to take someone with a solid ego rather than much on the line when it comes to future career.” He added: “I think about this to … probably be my last job.”

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