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Missouri paper calls out Trump for not liking to learn

This short article originally appeared on AlterNet.

An editorial published Saturday in Missouri’sSt. Louis Post-Dispatchcalled out former President Donald Trump’swell-documented distaste for reading, posing the question: “Why would an ex-president who doesn’t read want boxes of documents at his home?”

ThePost-Dispatchreferenced a number of stunning reports published in the last week detailingthe FBI’s seizureof nearly “two-dozen boxes of documents that belonged to the government and reportedly contained ” inside info ” material.” Those documents were bought atTrump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last Monday.

Noting the former president’sproclivity towards boredom, general insufficient fascination with reading andabject love of TV,the editorial board writes:

“Against that backdrop, the existence of perhaps 25 boxes filled with government documents, reportedly including ” inside info ” material, in a Mar-a-Lago basement seems particularly curious. Why would Trump want them at his private residence when he didn’t prefer to read and had no right to obtain them?”

Referencing Trump’srelentless 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton over her private email sever, the editorial board insists, “Trump certainly had to understand how serious it really is to unlawfully retain classified documents”

“And following the FBI collected 15 boxes filled with documents at Mar-a-Lago earlier this season, Trump will need to have had reasonable to cover up the existence of another 10 boxes,” the editorial continues. “It had been only afteran informant tipped off the FBIto the excess boxes a federal judge authorized last week’s search.”

The editorial board continues on to slam Republicans that are “apoplectic” on the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago butmum on Trump’s decision to take documentsthat “were never his.”

“Whatever the justification, the documents were never his, and Republicans that are apoplectic on the FBI search should first be asking why it had been ever O.K. for him to break regulations to begin with,” the board writes.

Browse the full piece at theSt. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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