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Missouri School District Reinstates the usage of Corporal Punishment

A school district in Missouri has reinstated corporal punishment being an appropriate type of discipline for students.

In accordance with USA Today, in June, the Cassville school board approved an insurance plan permitting the usage of corporal punishment once “all the alternative method of discipline have failed and only in reasonable form and upon the recommendation of the main.”

Parents can opt their children in or using this disciplinary model.

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry defines corporal punishment as “a discipline method when a supervising adult deliberately inflicts pain upon a kid in reaction to a child’s unacceptable behavior and/or inappropriate language.”

“In corporal punishment, the adult usually hits differing of the child’s body with a hand, or with canes, paddles, yardsticks, belts, or other objects likely to distress and fear,” the AACAP adds.

In accordance with Cassville School District superintendent Merlyn Johnson who assumed the superintendent role this past year reinstating corporal punishment had not been initially part of his plan. Still, he said, “it really is a thing that has happened on my watch, and I’m OK with it.”

Johnson added that parents in Cassville a town of slightly below 4,000 people and that Johnson referred to as a “very traditional community in southwest Missouri” have indicated a pastime in reinstating corporal punishment for quite a while.

The Barry County district abandoned the practice in 2001.

“Parents have said ‘why can’t you paddlemy student?’ and we’re like ‘We can’t paddle your student, our policy will not support that,'” Johnsonsaid.”There have been conversation with parents, and there have been requests from parents for all of us to look involved with it.”

Johnson also noted that the a reaction to the brand new policy has been vastly different online than it has within the county.

“We’ve had people actually thank us for this. Surprisingly, those on social media marketing may possibly be appalled to listen to us say these exact things, but the most individuals who I’ve come across have already been supportive,” Johnson shared.

“We respect your choice of each parent, whatever decision they make.”

Based on the policy, “When it is needed to utilize corporal punishment, it will be administered in order that there may be no potential for bodily injury or harm.Striking students on the top or face isn’t permitted.”

The policy also only permits the main to inflict the punishment within the presence of another staff or faculty member rather than before another student. The policy further stipulates that “swatting the buttocks with a paddle” may be the only acceptable type of corporal punishment.

Missouri is among 19 states that still allow corporal punishment.

Another states include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, NEW YORK, Oklahoma, SC, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

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